Spiritfall – Kismet’s Penitence Achievement Guide

Short and sweet guide to complete the hidden achievement Kismet’s Penitence.

How to Obtain Kismet’s Penitence Secret Achievement

How to Achieve Kismet’s Penitence

When you’ve cleared a room and are given the option to choose two resources from the Statue of Kismet, you need to take both.

To accomplish this simply collect one of the resources then quickly dash towards with other while mashing R1 to collect. If successful you will unlock the achievement!

Don’t get greedy, though! – After you successfully take both resources a few times, Kismet will no longer appear for the remainder of the run.


  1. Should also be noted: When you take both rewards, Kimset will punish your run “Avarice will be punished” This means for the remainder of the run you will encounter more elites and a higher chance of extra waves of enemies in each room, while also making them do minor amount of increased damage and health pools.

    Kimset will still appear and offer you rewards however, being greedy multiple times will stack the negatives further.

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