Splatoon 3: Sizzle Season – Ballpoint Splatling Tips

If you’re thinking of evolving and starting to use new weapons like Ballpoint Splatling, this guide is for you.

Tips to Use Ballpoint Splatling

I would say that, first things first, it’s quite important to know the weapon’s weaknesses.

Projectile velocity

You have very slow projectile velocity. That means your bullets physically travel SLOWLY. This can make hitting moving targets quite tricky. Practicing distant shooting at the far-back training dummy in Sheldon’s testing room is recommended! But the skill is very difficult to develop in general, so go easy on yourself when you feel like you can’t hit.

Kill time

On top of that, you also have a below average kill time. Most Splatlings share the kill time of the base Splattershot, but Ballpoint’s long-range mode fires 25% slower. Now, since the other Splatlings already have a poor matchup against chargers’ 1-shots (or even pencil’s 2-shot), always keep in mind that you are at a firepower disadvantage in head-on confrontations with other backlines! Your main asset is flexibility and mobility.

Now then, regarding the two firing modes

There is this one video that explains how they work pretty well:

Hope this helps!

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