Stacklands – Secret Guide

Guide to Secrets

Putting Villagers on Food

Cheap way: the coin gets spent and the berry is on the villager.

Old version.

Do that. When a bottle is made just get the meat with villager out.

Villager Resource Chest

Expensive universal way.

Put the villager or mob on top and pick the chest up.

Cheaper: make this.

Drag the stack to a buy box.

And grab the resource chest!

Old version: put a stove and a resource chest on a dustbin. Then put two glasses with villager on top on the dustbin.

Move it all to a magic glue and wait till the cooking is done.

After thet just pick up the chest and it’s done!

Making the Villager Chest Functional

Put villager chest with a glue on a dustbin.

Then put the chest with glue on other magic glue. Done!

If you want cranes to be able to target it then put some resource card on top.

Crane friendly version: put 2 glue, one magnet (some other stuff can be used instead), one glue and a villager chest.

Villager Magnets

Do that.

Older version: you can make one like that if you have a villager chest.

Or just repeat the process of making villager chests but with a magnet.

Making the Villager Magnet Functional

Just like that.

Villager Breeder

More Compact Villager Breeder

Breeding Pen Breeder

Building Craning

This configuration lets you crane left breeding pen onto the right breeding pen.

No Limits Boating

Animal Interboard Transportation

Put animal in the chest. Like, do something like that.

And grab the chest.

Then just put your boat on two glues and put your chest and villagers and whatever on it.

Double Child

Do this.

Then put a villager on top, youll get this.

Take the disconnected magic glue and put it on the highlighted glue.

Remove the villager and the root glue from the stack.

Then drag stable portal from the stack.

Congrats! You have a stack of two glues with both glues not having children! You can now put stuff on both of them.

You can put magic glue on both of them to get a choochoo train. For it to move you need two glue in the same place, so both stacks must have the same card count.

Can be used to allow cranes target bottom of the stack.

Starter Pack Time Freeze

When you start a game or go to the islands of one of the spirit worlds you get a starter pack. You camera locks on it, you can’t drag the pack and time doesn’t progress until you open up the first card.

On mainland you can’t really survive until you’ve opened 2 of the cards from the pack. But on the island when you first sail there you have a rowboat and a villager which is more then enough to start the civilization up. Un the top of that, if all of your villagers die it doesn’t count as a loss.

So essentially if you never open up the island pack you can have infinite moons and no villagers there. Perfect for a farm of any sort. You do need to have a villager to travel back but you can just buy one from the store (I don’t think you can). Especially useful with the no limits boating.

Starter Pack Time Freeze with Reloading

If you open most of the pack but don’t crack it fully and then reload the save the time would be frozen.

Hostiles Stacking

When exploring a location, if it drops an enemy it’ll jumps at the nearest enemy of the same type. While mimic is disguised you can grab it and put on something.

Combat Locking

With cranes it’s possible to create shadow participants for combat. You need to be the initiator. Put a crane that pulls your villager out of combat and stacks it on another villager. Both villagers should get put in the conflict. Now pull all of them out

Game will think that there are someone on your side of combat still even tho there aren’t. Fixes itself on reload.

Combat Scamming

When combat ends all the attack timers get nullified. So if your unit has faster attack speed then the enemy you can wait till your unit attacks, pause, get your unit out eding the combat, then initiate combat again. This way you’ll never get attacked.

Additionally, it’s beneficial to refresh combat even if your unit is second to attack.

Save Scamming

From pause menu you can go options -> select save, hop on another save and then back to first one. This way the game wouldn’t be saved and you can try stuff again.

If from the pause menu you go to the main menu it’ll save the game. So, for example, if you want a particular drop you can go to main menu right before the drop, then open up the drop, and if it’s not what you wanted you just switch saves and back and try again.

Animal Overcharge

If animal is in a stack that has a root that isn’t a glue, an animal pen, or a cage, then the animal will not make produce and will just accumulate stuff. 

Strange Portal Dragging and Strange Portal Magnet

Pause, put a villager on a strange portal, then shift-drag that stack. You’ll be able to put it on a double-glued magnet. I’m not sure why it doesn’t work sometimes, I think the magnet and the glue have to be made before the portal.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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