STAR OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE – All Endings & 100% Achievements Guide

Story Achievements

These achievements will be unlocked automatically through story progression, and cannot be missed.

Encounter with the Unknown
Defeated the colossus of the Mhedume Ruins

The Iatrimancer
Recruited Nina to join your party

Some Kind of Welcome
Entered the village of Eda after a rough welcome

Great Sage Midas
Recruited Midas to join your party

Helgar’s Disease Revisited
Met Theo in the town of Cotto

Onward to the Royal City
Found Dillwhip

What a Rout
Surprisingly endured a crushing defeat in Baldaar

The Immutable Past
Arrived at the Ancient Coil

Disaster Blaster
Reunited with friends

A Rather Personal Battle
Laeticia said “yes”

On the Eve of Action
Tomorrow is the day to launch a major operation

Married to the Fight
Burst into the wedding and carried out the rescue

The Story Goes On
Allowed Emperor Bohld’or to escape

Traverse the Stars
Depart from Aster at last

Hello and Goodbye
Arrived in Parrapoeiam

Pangalactic Rot
Peered into the darkness of the Pangalactic Federation

Where the Curtain Rises and Falls
Basked in the light of hope

The Last Landing Spot
Saved the cosmos from peril

Difficulty Achievements

Universal Master
Beat the game on Universe difficulty

Master of Chaos
Beat the game on Chaos difficulty

All Endings Achievement

You can get a total of 16 endings by having the highest Affection Points with a certain character. This will affect who you end up with at the end of the game. To get all endings, you have to play through both Raymond and Leticia’s perspective.

There are no indicators to inform you of their affections however, so you won’t be able to tell which route you’re on. The easiest way is to save near the end, visit back all towns speaking to only one character to trigger all their available private actions, complete the game, watch that character’s ending, before finally loading and repeating for a different character.

Another way of forming close bonds with someone is by using a rare item called Tears of Aphrodite, which can be created using the game’s Compounding system using materials such as Roly-Poly Beans and Aquaberries. You cannot use the Tears of Aphrodite on Raymond or Leticia.

Raymond Endings

Character Ending 01
Raymond and Albaird thereafter

Character Ending 02
Raymond and Nina thereafter

Character Ending 03
Raymond and Midas thereafter

Character Ending 04
Raymond and Elena thereafter

Character Ending 05
Raymond and Marielle thereafter

Character Ending 06
Raymond and Malkya thereafter

Character Ending 07
Raymond and J.J. thereafter

Character Ending 15
Raymond and Laeticia, and beyond

Laeticia Endings

Character Ending 08
Laeticia and Albaird thereafter

Character Ending 09
Laeticia and Nina thereafter

Character Ending 10
Laeticia and Midas thereafter

Character Ending 11
Laeticia and Elena thereafter

Character Ending 12
Laeticia and Marielle thereafter

Character Ending 13
Laeticia and Theo thereafter

Character Ending 14
Laeticia and Malkya thereafter

Character Ending 15
Laeticia and Raymond, and beyond

All Endings Achievement

A True Finale
Watched every ending

Side Quest Achievements

Newly Unemployed
Clear 55 quests or more

Side Quests are found all over the world and are marked with a yellow icon on the map, usually in towns or just outside of towns.

Queen of the Depths
Defeated the mighty Ethereal Queen

Post Game Dungeon Boss. More info will be added later.

The Lone Angel
Defeated the all-powerful Gabriel Celeste

Post Game Dungeon Boss. More info will be added later.

Es’owa Achievements

Es’owa is a mini-game you can find throughout the game. To unlock your first Es’owa deck, you’ll have to talk to a “Shady Merchant” outside the Inn of the Seaport of Rythal. You can get more pieces and expand on your deck by progressing through the game, beating other NPC in Es’owa and earning pieces.

The Start of Something Big
Won a game of Es’owa for the first time

Battle God at the Table
Acquired the rank of Battle God

You’ll have to beat the 2nd post-game dungeon 3 times, and then beat the Ethereal Queen at Es’owa.

Combat Achievements

These achievements are relatively straightforward and you’ll unlock them along the way.

Full of Surprises
Launched 100 Surprise Attacks

Pile Up Those Bones
Defeated over 3,000 foes

Quicker than the Eye
Performed 200 Blindsides

Miscellaneous Achievements

Stepping Forward
Walked over 100 km

The Magic of Flight
Flew over 100 km

Battle-Worn Warrior
Complete at least 90% of the Bestiary

Mighty Arsenal
Obtain at least 90% of all weapons

Treasure Detector
Opened all treasure chests in the universe

Bounty of Bunnies
Found every mini-bunny

My First Masterpiece
Used Item Creation for the first time

You’ll encounter Welch for the first time in the Seaport of Rythal. Find her in Delryk Village afterwards, in the building with a giant white glove sign and complete her quest to unlock the Compounding Feature. You can now create items. Visit her again when she calls you to unlock more features.

The Spirit of All Creation
Make at least 90% of all items in Item Creation


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