STAR OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE – All Endings & 100% Achievements Guide


  • Time: ~100-120 hours
  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Playthroughs Required: 2
  • Missable Achievements: None
  • Online Achievements: No
  • DLCs needed: No

So first and foremost, you do not have to worry about missables or anything, so feel free to just sit back and enjoy the game at your own pace for the first playthrough without strictly following any walkthroughs. You need two playthroughs, one for Raymond and the other for Laeticia. After defeating the final boss, you can continue again from a checkpoint right before you fight the final boss. So you dont have to worry about a forced new game.

Try not to worry too much about collectibles, treasures, bunny, or your crafting count. You can focus on these at the end of the game without too much trouble. (A few hours at most, excluding the crafting. Crafting is hell. You might as well go through that grind after enjoying the game).

The only thing that you may have to consider is your affinity with your characters. Occasionally in towns, you can interact with your party members to engage in a PA (Private Action). This will raise your affinity with said character. You will get an ending with the character you are closest with, assuming you have reached the minimum affinity which I have not yet defined how much, at the end of the game.

That said, the easiest way to cheese the endings is to avoid raising one character’s affinity too much, save before the final boss, start raising your affinity with a single character and clear the game for that character’s ending. Load the save and repeat with a new character. You can revisit all the towns again after the end of the game to engage in PAs then, or choose to craft Tears of Aphrodite (an item that raises your affinity with a non-protagonist character) and give it to a party member instead.

Story Achievements

These achievements will be unlocked automatically through story progression, and cannot be missed.

Encounter with the Unknown
Defeated the colossus of the Mhedume Ruins

The Iatrimancer
Recruited Nina to join your party

Some Kind of Welcome
Entered the village of Eda after a rough welcome

Great Sage Midas
Recruited Midas to join your party

Helgar’s Disease Revisited
Met Theo in the town of Cotto

Onward to the Royal City
Found Dillwhip

What a Rout
Surprisingly endured a crushing defeat in Baldaar

The Immutable Past
Arrived at the Ancient Coil

Disaster Blaster
Reunited with friends

A Rather Personal Battle
Laeticia said “yes”

On the Eve of Action
Tomorrow is the day to launch a major operation

Married to the Fight
Burst into the wedding and carried out the rescue

The Story Goes On
Allowed Emperor Bohld’or to escape

Traverse the Stars
Depart from Aster at last

Hello and Goodbye
Arrived in Parrapoeiam

Pangalactic Rot
Peered into the darkness of the Pangalactic Federation

Where the Curtain Rises and Falls
Basked in the light of hope

The Last Landing Spot
Saved the cosmos from peril

Difficulty Achievements

After defeating the final boss and watching the end credits, loading the save again will bring you back to the point right before you fight the boss. You can change difficulties then, fight the boss again for these achievements.

Universal Master
Beat the game on Universe difficulty

Master of Chaos
Beat the game on Chaos difficulty

Chaos difficulty unlocks after defeating the final boss on Universe difficulty.

All Endings Achievement

You can get a total of 16 endings by having the highest Affection Points with a certain character. This will affect who you end up with at the end of the game. To get all endings, you have to play through both Raymond and Leticia’s perspective.

There are no clear indicators telling you how high your affinity is with a character. As mentioned in the Introduction, the best way to cheese this is to spread out your time with all characters equally by engaging in their private actions in town (which you can always revisit if you’ve missed any after the end of the game). Craft 20 Tears of Aphrodite (You get these randomly by compounding Aquaberries + Roly-Poly Beans). Save the game. Spend all 20 tears on a character, clear the game and watch their ending. Load back the game and spend your tears on another character. Repeat. If you think your affinity with a single character is too high, you can use Pheromone Enhancer (Obtained by randomly compounding Game Meat + Secret Spice) to reduce your affinity with that character to make it easier to achieve an ending with another character.

Raymond Endings

Character Ending 01
Raymond and Albaird thereafter

Character Ending 02
Raymond and Nina thereafter

Character Ending 03
Raymond and Midas thereafter

Character Ending 04
Raymond and Elena thereafter

Character Ending 05
Raymond and Marielle thereafter

Character Ending 06
Raymond and Malkya thereafter

Character Ending 07
Raymond and J.J. thereafter

Character Ending 15
Raymond and Laeticia, and beyond

Laeticia Endings

Character Ending 08
Laeticia and Albaird thereafter

Character Ending 09
Laeticia and Nina thereafter

Character Ending 10
Laeticia and Midas thereafter

Character Ending 11
Laeticia and Elena thereafter

Character Ending 12
Laeticia and Marielle thereafter

Character Ending 13
Laeticia and Theo thereafter

Character Ending 14
Laeticia and Malkya thereafter

Character Ending 15
Laeticia and Raymond, and beyond

All Endings Achievement

A True Finale
Watched every ending

Side Quest Achievements

Newly Unemployed
Clear 55 quests or more

Side Quests are found all over the world and are marked with a yellow icon on the map, usually in towns or just outside of towns. There are several chain side quests that will unlock only after clearing a previous quest.

The Lone Angel
Defeated the all-powerful Gabriel Celeste

The first post-game dungeon boss. After the end of the game, you can go back down the Nihlbeth Ancient Coil to the room where you previously found the Levitas Ore. (A shortcut teleporter can be found in the Nihlbeth Town, in the big room where the item merchant is). A cutscene will follow and you will enter a new region, The Gauntlet. A Santa Item Merchant can be found inside that sells some really good mats.

I recommend being at least 150 or at least have crafted and synthesis decent weapons for the team before proceeding. More info on Synthesizing in the Item Creation section below.

The Gauntlet has 4 side doors and 1 frontal door. Each of the side doors lead to a different area, each area with their own bosses. You can open the frontal door after defeating the boss of all the other side areas. Behind the frontal door is Gabriel Celeste. You will have to defeat his six-winged form for this achievement. Every time you defeat him, he comes back stronger, starting with 2-wings, to 4-wings and to 6-wings. Basically, defeat him 3 times.

Queen of the Depths
Defeated the mighty Ethereal Queen

After defeating the six-winged version of Gabriel Celeste, you will find a teleporter at the end of the Provenience Cavern in Paladurnia, the same place where you bested remington. It’ll bring you to the Ultima Thule. Recommended level for the Ethereal Queen is level 200.

There are 24 floors and you’ll fight the Ethereal Queen at the top. If you leave the Ultima Thule midway, you have to start from floor 1 all over again. The santa shop will unlock after floor 10, which will sell some powerful weapons and mats.

Like Gabriel Celeste, you have to defeat the six-winged version of the Ethereal Queen before getting this achievement. Basically defeat her 3 times.

Es’owa Achievements

Es’owa is a mini-game you can find throughout the game. To unlock your first Es’owa deck, you’ll have to talk to a “Shady Merchant” outside the Inn of the Seaport of Rythal. You can get more pieces and expand on your deck by progressing through the game, beating other NPC in Es’owa and earning pieces.

The Start of Something Big
Won a game of Es’owa for the first time

Battle God at the Table
Acquired the rank of Battle God

After defeating the six-winged version of the Ethereal Queen, (elaborated in the Ethereal Queen achievement above), you can challenge her to Es’owa. Defeat her for this achievement.

Combat Achievements

These achievements are relatively straightforward and you’ll unlock them along the way.

Full of Surprises
Launched 100 Surprise Attacks

Pile Up Those Bones
Defeated over 3,000 foes

Quicker than the Eye
Performed 200 Blindsides

Item Creation

My First Masterpiece
Used Item Creation for the first time

You’ll encounter Welch for the first time in the Seaport of Rythal. Find her in Delryk Village afterwards, in the building with a giant white glove sign and complete her quest to unlock the Compounding Feature. You can now create items. Visit her again when she calls you to unlock more features.

The Spirit of All Creation
Make at least 90% of all items in Item Creation

This one is a pain. You basically have to craft almost every non-mat item you’ve ever gotten and more (total of 395 unique items) for this achievement.

I will summarize some of my learnings below for reference. If you find that you are not getting something after repeatedly crafting, you’re either unlucky or you may be using the wrong category to craft.

  • Compounding – To craft support items, generally in the form of healing and buffs. No electronic items.
  • Smithery – Creates weapons for Raymond, Laeticia, J.J, Theo, and Heavy Armor.
  • Crafting – Creates Weapons, Accessories, Cloth Armor, Talismans. Creates weapons for Nina, Midas, Albaird, Malkya.
  • Engineering – Creates electronic usables like bombs, and weapons for Elena and Marielle.
  • Alchemy – Creates Ores, essential for getting good ores for certain weapons and armors.
  • Authoring – Creates Talismans, Recipes, and for certain characters, books they themselves written.
  • Synthesis – Combining factors for better equipment. Not needed for this achievement, but recommend to do to get better gear for end-game bosses.

Each character has a few Talents you can randomly unlock by crafting. You can refer to the Talent List above. At the very least, make sure Albaird and Malkya has their talents unlock. You can unlock them by using some low level mats for their respective talent categories and crafting several times. Characters don’t always matter when crafting, but these are my characters I personally use for reference. Except for Alchemy, you don’t have to follow much else.

  • Compounding – Nina
  • Smithery – Raymond
  • Crafting – Nina
  • Engineering – Elena / Raymond
  • Alchemy – Malkya (For everything else) / Albaird (For Philosopher’s Stone)
  • Authoring – Any, doesn’t matter
  • Synthesis – Elena

Personally, Authoring is the least important, but your characters may craft some personal books. So far, I only managed to craft books for Albaird, Elena and Malkya using Parchment Papers, two unique books each. These books count towards your item creation count, so it’s worth checking them out.

For the recipe list, you don’t have to go through it one by one. Most items don’t have a fixed recipe and you can get them randomly. Purposely trying to go for one specifically early on may be a waste of resources. I highly recommend you write a list of everything you crafted. I started Item Creation only after finishing the game, and have jotted a list of every new item I crafted. I mixed and matched random cheap resources and filled up a chunk of the list without having to rely on the recipe list. Only after crafting 300+ items did I start referring to the list seriously and picking out the ones I didn’t get yet.

Watching the video I linked should explain more to you about the importance of Meteorite, using Malkyra to alchemize the Meteorite into Exalithium Crystal, and using Albaird to alchemize Exalithium Crystal into Philosopher’s Stone. This is a very, very resource heavy process and I recommend doing the minimum just to get good gear for post-game dungeons first. In the first post-game dungeon, you can buy Meteorites, and in the second, you can even buy Philosopher’s Stone plus a bunch of rare mats. It’s easier to focus on grinding Fol and using them to buy your mats then to cry alchemizing them every time. Save scumming is essential unless you want to spend tens of additional hours crafting random junk.

Crafting is relatively simple and straightforward, it’s just that the sheer number of craftables having no fixed recipes with added RnG makes it an especially grindy and tedious achievement.

Miscellaneous Achievements

Stepping Forward
Walked over 100 km

You’ll get this naturally along the way.

The Magic of Flight
Flew over 100 km

You’ll get this naturally along the way.

Battle-Worn Warrior
Complete at least 90% of the Bestiary

As long as you didn’t intentionally skip new areas of mobs, you should get this soon after clearing the game and both post-game bonus dungeons.

Mighty Arsenal
Obtain at least 90% of all weapons

Although it says 90%, you pretty much have to collect every weapon you can. That’s because depending on which character you play as at the start of the game, you won’t have access to a whole weapon type. If you pick Raymond, you won’t get to play Theo who uses Halberd. If you pick Laeticia, you won’t be able to play J.J who uses Katanas. I’m not sure if these weapons count to the 100%, but at the very least, I’ve collected and crafted every weapon possible in the game and was just a few weapons past the threshold.

After collecting and crafting all available weapons (excluding some rare weapon drops), you’ll probably be one or two weapons short. In the Ultima Thule after floor 10, you can interact with Santa to buy some non-craftable weapons. At this stage, you should have enough for the achievement.

Treasure Detector
Opened all treasure chests in the universe

You need to find and open all 242 Treasure Chests available in the open world, excluding the chests in Post-Game Dungeons. I recommend focusing on this only after you completed the game and collected all 6 Cryptographic Messages. These 6 messages will lead to 4 treasure chests that will otherwise not be there before.

These Cryptographic Messages will unlock 4 treasure chests. One at the shores of Nihlbeth, at the statue of the mhedume runes, under a tree at the Devotion Hill, and under a large tree in Cottorinth Region.

  • Find My Kitty – Cryptographic Message A-1
  • The Adventures of a Carefree Cat – Cryptographic Message A-2
  • Creepy Crawly Critters – Cryptographic Message A-3
  • Mama’s Favorite – Cryptographic Message C (Part of the Manipulative Man Quest Line. Start by talking with the Manipulative Man in The Aucerian Highroad. Note that you need to also complete the side quest ‘A Healing Herb’ in the Seaport of Rythal to progress.)
  • The Man with No Plan – Cryptographic Message B (Part of the Undaunted Explorer Quest Line. You can initiate his quest line by talking to the Undaunted Explorer at Delryk Village early on.).
  • Brooch Hunt – Cryptograhic Message D

Bounty of Bunnies
Found every mini-bunny

Only 18 bunnies to find. Quite easy to find them all. The bunny’s colors aren’t fixed to one location, you can get the same colored bunny in multiple locations. So it’s not a good way to track what bunnies you got by checking on the key items in your inventory.

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