Please note: all credit goes to KIWI FOX!

I decided that the washed out look just wasn’t floating my boat, especially after the crisp colorful Last Hope and most modern games not looking like they are running at 50% screen resolution.

Guide to Custom Reshade


Amazingly a reshade I cooked up worked a treat, in my opinion anyways. If you guys are interested I can share it. I think.

  1. Download Reshade.
  2. Download my config file “Ocean of Stars” Preset and place it in the “[drive]\STEAM\steamapps\common\STAR OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE”
  3. Launch the game and select the preset from the top of the Reshade window.
  4. Press “Home” key to open and close Reshade window.

Note: When the screen goes black during loading, the tone mapping option causes the screen to have a bluish tint, this is normal.


  1. Default game, no edit.
  1. Reshade No Bloom
  1. Reshade With Bloom
  1. Daylight Comparison No Bloom
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