STAR OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

  • Focus on expanding the search range for DUMA’s passive.
  • Remember you have to equip passive abilities (forgot about this one a lot even in the PS5 demo).
  • Focus on unlocking the passives you want: XP bonus from Laeticia , HP regen at standard intervials for everyone, make it rain for extra fol from Albaird. If you go and stick with the XP bonus unlock DEF and Guts nodes for Laeticia to offset the negative bonuses. Or just play as her to keep her alive.
  • Items stack to 20 anything over that gets sold for Fol if you are in battle, but not via chests or green nodes on the grown, so you have to use some to loot some chests if you are looking to 100% the game and loot every chest.
  • Practice blindsiding enemies as much and as often as you can, it can turn the tide of battle. Once you have your passives unlocked and possibly leveled up; start looking at stat bonuses or nodes that provide a new attack / ability.
  • 2nd boss is your first real challenge so decide how you want your characters to be because there is no respec option!
  • DUMA Points (DP) that show up when exploring, appear to respawn after a bit of time. So it’s easy to farm those if you have time to kill to get some of their abilities or skills to rank 4.
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