Star Wars: Hunters – How to Play Aran Tal

Beginners Guide for Aran Tal

By Burnt on Switch.

I feel as if Aran Tal is heavily misunderstood as a character. I wanted to make this guide with my personal experience and help you guys learn how to play him.


Dual Blaster Pistols

Get in your enemy’s face and keep on moving. These weapons are great for close quarters and they give you a lot of opportunity for mobile fighting. Don’t get fancy, just aim for the chest. Try to prioritize healers.

Air Assault

This is good for getting into combat. You’ll want to use this to jump into combat, preferably hitting an enemy with your flame jet and then targeting supports with the dual blasters. Try to wait until your team is fighting the enemy before jumping in. Remember, you can shoot while flying.

Flame Jet

Start out your entry with the flame jet after landing from Air Assault. Use your flame jet to try to hit as many targets as possible to deal damage to multiple. After using flame jet, start using your dual blaster pistols.


Now, you’ve used air assault to get in there, let’s say you’ve dealt a good amount of damage and now you feel as if you need to leave. Use blastback to head to cover until your Air Assault cooldown ends and you can escape or try to escape WITH blastback. It’s also good to use in the event of an emergency in combat, but leave yourself with at least one blastback so you can escape.


Wait until the team is all together, as close as you believe they’ll get to each other. Once they are, and they’re distracted, enter with Air Assault and activate your ultimate, spinning semicircles around the enemy’s flank while killing them with the ultimate.

This ultimate works especially well in enclosed spaces. By the time your ultimate is done, the cooldown of Air Assault should have ended by then and you can escape to heal or build more ultimate.

General Playstyle

Run and gun! Make sure to get in there behind your enemies and then deal as much damage as possible without dying. After you feel you’ve done enough damage, or if you’re injured, escape and heal or build ultimate while your cooldowns recharge.

You need to be as close to your enemies as possible, and constantly moving. You don’t need to be murdering everyone in your way, being a nuisance and a distraction is good enough, and even if you’re only kililng supports, you’re still helping your team.

Who Does Aran Tal Counter?

I believe Aran Tal counters slower enemies such as Grozz and J-3DI as he can hit Grozz from farther away due to his size and he can easily outmanuever both. Aran’s flame also goes through J-3DI’s lightsaber block. Same for Rieve.

I believe that he counters Sentinel due to his ability to quickly get behind Sentinel’s shield and his crowd control capabilities with his ultimate.

Who Counters Aran?

If you’re facing an Aran Tal playing like this, have Diago put his mines on flanks to possibly hit Aran with them, or at least cut off a path to them. Sprocket’s ultimate can cover flanks and force Aran to take care of it, wasting his time. Lastly, Diago can sit in the backline to wait until Aran strikes the team and then shoot him while he’s busy with Diago’s team.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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