Starbound – Space Colonies Guide

In this guide, I would like to share with you my experience in building colonies in Starbound. A very small number of players are engaged in the construction of colonies, as evidenced by the rarity of achievements obtained for these same colonies.

Guide to Space Colonies

What Are Colonies For?

Let’s be honest, there’re not so many benefits from them, but like building beautiful houses, this activity is very relaxing.

And what can they give us:

  • Additional pixels.
  • Various resources and weapons.
  • 7 rare achievments to your profile.
  • A rich selection of ship crew members.
  • And break from the great space adventure.

Choosing a Planet for the Colony

In this case, it all depends on the purpose for which you are building a colony:

If you want to get all the achievements without any problems, then I advise you to choose safe small planets, since you will have to complete quite a few tenant quests.

  • Low (Tier 1): Barren, Garden
  • Moderate (Tier 2): Desert, Forest

If you want to get more valuable resources from your tenants, then you should choose planets with increased danger.

Here you must understand that the tenants are not very smart and you’ll have to think on their safety. They’ill take the toxic lake for a great vacation spot.

Extreme (Tier 5): Arctic, Midnight, Tundra

Inconceivable (Tier 6): Decayed, Magma, Volcanic

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