Starfield – Starting Tips (Wish I Knew Before Starting)

A simple guide to tips to know before starting Starfield.

Tips to Start



  • You should take a little time to decide what character you want to be.
  • Plan ahead for a build.
  • Shielded cargo and scan jammer are good for hiding contraband. Pick them up if you see them as they are hard to find.
  • You cant use skills without 1 point in them.

Which priority skills:

  • Boost Pack
  • Stealth
  • Fitness
  • Wellness
  • Security
  • Ballistic
  • Persuasion


  • Extrovert – unless you play without a companion.
  • Terra Firma – you spend much more time on land.
  • Dream Home – mentioned before, a cheap first outpost.
  • Taskmaster – Heal ship, crew costs more(one time).
  • Empath – Only beneficial when companions like your actions.
  • Hero worshipped – Fun with free loot.
  • Wanted – free XP + low HP boosts firepower.


  • Sleep for health recovery.
  • Eat for Health recovery.
  • Med packs are useful, save them.
  • DigiPicks = Lockpicks, save them (use Hacking when possible).
  • Freedom to explore comes quickly but you may want to unlock everything from the story first .
  • Dont try to do everything in 1 playthough, you are likely going to want to play again.
  • Moderate Spoiler with no details: Unlock Game+ mode and continue your adventures.
  • There is not level cap, there is no need to rush to 100.
    • NB: Spoiler on skills abundance: its possible to unblock all skills. ~300+ skill points to max everything, a HUGE grind you are not expected to consider achieving!
  • Don’t get arrested, prison is bad for XP.
  • You can change your name and looks later.
  • Afflictions are bad.
  • Injuries and infections – try avoid them. Some heal themselves, others will require items to fix.
  • Traits can be removed, but then they are gone.
  • Use the scanner while wondering around a new area. You can sell the data and XP gains.
    • NB: The scanner allows fast travel to your ship and some locations.
    • NBB: Objective markers can be managed here.
    • NBBB: Scan fauna, flora, resources, sites and creatures.
  • Explore settlements, listen out for quests or other useful info.
  • Holding more mass means you use more O2, store it in your ships cargo hold.
    • NB: Some items like ammo weight nothing.
  • Check your favourite items/weapons – be ready for when you need them.
  • Red arrow on items is stealing, take care.
  • Use the flashlight, its a bit weak. Optionally increasing your screen’s brightness.
  • Look out for yellow information Kiosks.
  • Signs are actually useful, read them.
  • Not all doors can be opened.
    • NB: Some doors can be hacked or opened by other means.
  • If you don’t do min damage to a kill, you don’t get the XP.


  • Landing is not possible during combat.
  • Scan planets. You want to make sure you can breath the air before landing.
  • Fast travel is possible in the same Solar System.
  • Cargo hold is your storage, if you hoard make sure you keep your cargo limits in check.
  • Fuel capacity upgrades are needed to explore Solar systems that are too far.
  • Destroy Asteroids, they give resources.
  • Navigate easier with the “set course” button on the pause menu.

Home / Outpost

Starting choice spoiler: it is possible to start with a player home, it’s a trait during player creation but has a small ongoing cost (~2k/mo).

Crew and Family

  • Remind yourself to Assign members to ships and home.
  • Talk to your people when they want to chat.


  • Trade Kiosks in Spaceports will buy your goods. Resets daily.


Dont pickup everything.

A good rule of thumb:

  • Pickup all ammo.
  • Pickup all DigiPicks.
  • Pickup all medpacks.
  • Pickup to replace what you wear.
  • Pickup Items to sell, Mass vs value.
    • NB: Value =/= sell price.



  1. pick up every single gun off of everyone you kill. 70% of the ammo that is on the body is in the gun. by level 10 i had 1500 of 3 ammo types

  2. Some information about scanning. For example i scanned 3/5 creatures and it told me biome completed. I landed on different site on same planet but it still was written as “biome completed”.. so what would be the solution? Not sure, and maybe others are confused also.

    • Choose a different biome. For example, Kreet has 3. Use the mouse to “search” the planet for a different biome, that land there

    • NB: “Nota Bene” – someone use it like “PS” for extra notes. Technically NBB or NBB is wrong but hey ho, Im not picky about it =D

  3. value vs mass seems to be mostly just loot all the modified weapons enemies drop. Merchant’s in this don’t pay anywhere close to real value of anything else.

  4. UGH, good guide, thanks. But I’m a seriously sick Hoard-a-holic. I’ll be using 1 cheat and that’s to increase carry weight.
    What’s funny is in RL I hate clutter of any kind lol.

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