Stars Die – Secret Ending Guide

What the title said. This is all spoilers but you knew that. I hope.

How to Get Secret Ending

Light Spoilers So You Can Find Denis Yourself

You’re looking for 7 bunny pictures.

Look for white particle effects. I’d turn off the pixel effect to make the white particles easier to spot, and turn off the timer so you can take your time. Hold right click to zoom, that helped me in a few spots.

I tested: regardless of what others say, you don’t need to do anything but find the pictures. No trigger actives them or anything like that.

The Locations

  1. Backside of a whiteboard in the base.
  2. On the roof of the base, on one of the satellite dishes.
  3. In the room with the pangolier and uvula, in the blob on the ceiling. Back right side if you’re coming from the entrance, hug the right side of the wall and you’ll hit an invisible path to take you the rest of the way there
  4. Near the zodiac, if you line up the zodiac with the boat behind it, it will be up and to the left on the outer wall. From the zodiac, enter the cave and hug the outside edge heading right until it looks like you hit the cave wall, but hug the outside of the cave wall tightly to find an invisible path to Denis.
  5. Under the blue tongue thing. Just drop down and land on the root, you’ll see it pretty easily.
  6. From the thorax…thing that Rygg makes you jump off, turn around and act like you’re going back into the blue forest. Hug the left side and drop down to the far left tube like you’re doing the secret ending, but from where the tube connects to the thorax, hug the outside edge of the thorax to find another secret path to another fine picture.
  7. In the blue forest, there is a mushroom/root pod from The Shivering Islands at about a 45 degree angle to the ground, very close to the thorax. Climb it’s tendrils, and on top is a fine picture.

Interact with all of them and get your ending!

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