Starship Troopers: Extermination – A Marine’s Guide to the MK3 SAW

The average citizen seems experience a myriad of issues trying to utilize the MK3 SAW to its fullest potential. This quick field guide will equip you with the tricks & tips of the trade to effectively hold the front-line against the bug menace.

MK3 SAW Guide

All credit goes to Cro!

Rule 1: You Are Not Rambo

To the untrained citizen, the inability to mow down endless waves of bugs by holding down the left mouse button is disheartening to most; making the MK3 susceptible to harsh criticism. When picking up this weapon, take note of it’s unique attributes.

Get to know your weapon

Compared to its predecessors, the MK3 has a significant staggering effect on the bug menace. Stopping hordes & larger bugs dead in their tracks is this weapons specialty.

At the cost of reduced damage, you are also able to shut down sentry bugs from raining an onslaught of projectiles on your battalion (See Rule 3).

Even you can use the MK3!

Rule 2: Holding the Front Line

A downside of the MK3 is the stock ammo capacity. Without ammo dispensaries, you can easily exhaust your reserves before you’re overrun by the bug menace. It is important to lean on your TEAM & use your equipment to maintain battle superiority.

  • Use your electrical field to create strategic choke points to herd bugs OR to give your squad some breathing room in the field.
  • Reinforce the base with Nukes! The ARC is vital to the successful extraction of your fellow marines so, protect it at all costs. When the walls come crashing down, leave those bugs a welcome package at the front door. Giving your team some room to make emergency repairs.

Rule 3: Engagement Tips

Hold the breach

When those pesky automated turrets fail, dig in & rain fire on the incoming hostiles with wide sweeping motions. This will stun larger enemies & make quick work of the smaller grunts. Allowing reinforcements to begin rebuilding the front line.

Stop those sentries

Engaging enemies at range with the MK3 can be a daunting task at first yet, allows your marksman units to engage the sentries without fear of significant bodily harm.

To engage distant targets, enter your fortified stance & aim slightly above your target (~80-100m+). Be mindful of your bullet’s tracers, this will provide you with crucial information on how to manage your barrage of lead like a real marine!

Don’t be afraid to move your mouse! You’re not shooting laser blaserts like some bums in a galaxy far far away! Move your cans & expired left overs to have ample room for wrist activities.

Rule 4: Dress for Success

In the Second Bug War, it is vital to be familiar with your equipment & your place in the battalion. Below I have listed my current build with more information – will adjust list as the game develops further.

Secondary Weapon

TW-109-E Emancipator

A useful secondary that can stagger soldier bugs in one shot. Delaying their advancement on your position. Buying you precious time to swap your MK3’s sandwich box.


  • Shock Sticks


  • Create Chokeholds.
  • Stuns multiple enemies on contact.
  • Can be used to secure extraction routes / LZ.


  • Most areas require 3 pylons to shut down front.
  • Electrical grid dissipates within 30 seconds.
  • Must manually gauge distance to connect pylons.


  • Nuke Pack


  • Significant AOE Damage.
  • Set and forget – 10 sec timer from placement.
  • Mushroom cloud looks sick af!


  • Can damage friendlies {announce w/ comms}.
  • No manual trigger.
  • Reduces visibility for tower support & ground units in some applications.

Final Debriefing

Have Fun & Stay Alive

The success of your team relies on the collective effort of all the brave citizens involved in these operations. Not a single man, woman, or child has the ability to withstand the full might of Planet P & it’s inhabitants on their own.

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  1. the MK3 suffers hard from damage drop off. as a bastion, it’s ALWAYS wise to pick off the bugs closest to you and your team (as it is most efficient to do so, and it is the role of a tank to take the aggro and defend). sniping a gunner from far away is time and ammo consuming — but not impossible — although you should let the marksmen take care of those

  2. You don’t have to enter siege mode every time you want to fire this gun . You can crouch , zoom in with right mouse and fire in burst of 3 . Useful when on the move and your skill on cool down .

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