Starship Troopers: Extermination – CQC for When You Are Screwed! (Potentially Might Get Removed Soon in Patches)

A simple guide to CQC or Close Quarter Combat, for when you are up ♥♥♥ creek without a paddle!

Close Quarter Combat Guide

The Basic Gist of It

Now this might be a glitch or exploit that will be patched out of the game at some point, but for now while it’s here, we take it.

Simply put, if you are in a fire fight situation and the bugs have gotten up right in your face, and your gun is going click click.

Do not panic. Simply, initiate reloading, then…

Start stabbing like your life depends on it because thats your only means of defence.

For at least 3 or so stabs, because if things haven’t changed by the posting of this guide, then your gun should still complete its reloading cycle and if you pay attention in the bottom right where your ammo indicator is, it should read as reloaded as well, and you can get back to using your primary bug stomping tool.

This means that when defending walls and falling back, you aren’t always going to be vulnerable while reloading, and also means that as a Bastion, you can still defend yourself when reloading your huge ass Mk3 SAW and not have to unbuckle yourself to get to safety and die to a gunner bug because you exposed yourself. Stand your grand, plant your feet, and get stabbing soldiers.

Best of luck to you troopers out there and gods speed.

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