Starship Troopers: Extermination – How to Be a Rocket Soldier Legend

This guide is to tell you how you can be the best burst DPS in the whole game with the rocket launcher pick up.

Tips to Be a Rocket Soldier Legend

  1. Play as Hunter and grab the rocket launcher from the crate while using your secondary weapon.
  2. Grab it again using your primary weapon.
  3. You can now kill tigers and armored bugs easily. Use building and height advantage to rain rocket down on bugs.
  4. You can kill a small crowd of bugs by yourself. Instead of reloading your first rocket launcher, switch to your second launcher for maximum rate of fire for short burst damage.
  5. During extraction, you can punch through any bug blockade by yourself. During defence phase, you can plug any hole by yourself and hope a team mate can repair the wall before you run out of ammo.
  6. Just make sure you have portable ammo station or use your team mate to kill single small to medium bugs. You will not last long alone, but when you do have ammo you can be one man army.
  7. You would have to use knife on single small bug if there is no team mate around, but it is not good idea to knife regular bugs as you would be trading health away.

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  1. i recommend using bloodlust to knife small bugs as you get more health than what you lose back when melee-ing.

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