Starship Troopers: Terran Command – Gameplay Tips

Tips for Noobs

Tips for non citizens to smash the bug menace and obtain citizenship through service.

  1. A basic Rifleman troop and Rocket troop is better than two Mark II Riflemen, as the rocket launcher does more damage against armored units and groups and the basic riflemen has more unit health and fire output against lightly armored bugs. This is due to the fact the Mark II Morita Riflemen have half the number of troops as a regular Riflemen.

Tip: Defeating the bug menace means maximizing fire superiority.

  1. Rocket spam those Scorpions, Plasma and Tanker bugs. Get two or three rocket troops to strike first when a Scorpion, Plasma or Tanker spawns in, it will likely kill it instantly or damage it down enough it will die to basic troops.
  2. Take the high ground, it takes longer for bugs and your troops to climb the high ground. Which means one unit can defend longer against more bugs. The high ground also lets troops shoot over troopers on a lower level. Troops in this game must have unobstructed line of sight, as they will not shoot through their friends, unless you utilize a units special ability.
  3. Building turrets with the Combat Engineers to defend your base(s) means you can put more troops on the offensive.
  4. The first line of troops should be a mix of Rifles, E-Pulse, Flamethrowers etc, the second line of troops should be support such as Rockets, MkII Troops (as they have grenade launchers and mortars), Snipers, Comms, Officers, Liaisons etc.
  5. Rotate units out so they can recover to full health by calling reinforcements.
  6. Wipe out bug lairs and hives when you can, this will ramp up the difficulty however.
  7. If you lack anti-armor troops, grenades can always make due to take down armored groups.
  8. Take control of choke points this limits how many bugs can rush through. A Combat Engineer can hold down a choke point better than a Rifleman Trooper.
  9. Maintain a kill zone that allows multiple troops to fire on the same target.
  10. Leveled up Rocket troops allow you to wipe out unarmored groups or deploy fire rockets which can create choke points to aid in limiting how many bugs can charge your line, or prevent the bugs from taking the high ground, or prevent bugs from flanking.
  11. Groups of Spitter bugs can take out units that are out of range of your regular troops, Snipers seem like the obvious choice, however your sacrificing range for fire output. Snipers also don’t do as much damage to groups or armored bugs. Therefor a Rocket Troop is superior to Snipers any day as they cost the same logistical and both have long range capability.
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