Stay Out – Making Money Tips

Tips to Make Money

Focus on getting last skill in hunter skill tree, for that you need levels.

Fiends at vesuv can help with that. You can always try your luck on brutors and blyaks inside caves at Lyubech outlands.

Also best weapon for killing boars which you are currently farming is shotgun (any shotgun will do).

Reality is things (monsters,artifacts) at Lyubech outlands and Vesuvius are overfarmed, so you need to do a lot of running around.

You can also earn good cash from verliock eyes(if you had last perk which would allow you to pull organs out) from swamps in outlands.

Finding rubber a at same location i just mentioned can make you a nice, fast profit, that is if it wasn’t overfarmed.

There are some trading methods aswell for trade points which you can utilize but in the end just find your sweetspots and squeeze as much as you can.

There are many places, do quests

So your main bread and butter shud be spare parts kits that you will get from a handful of quests that sell for around 420k each depending on how long u wanna wait. but otherwise quests and butchering for special parts are another way to make money.

Mention old instruments. Everyone is doing them so should you. It is not a bad idea to make all 3 characters on your account and do them every day.

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