Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town – How to Get Lots of Pirate Treasures

Trick on how to get lots of pirate treasure and fishies!

Guide to Getting Pirate Treasures

Fishing Lots of Pirate Treasure

Some of you might probably know this, but here’s one if you don’t!


  • Available on the 1st day of summer, when the pet tournament/festival!
  • (Pole must be blessed/mythic) Just fish as much as your bag can carry!
  • You dont have to worry about energy or time, since it doesnt change at all (I always came late since I was busy planting seeds).

You can not throw them, nor eat the fish since its festival. So forgive yourself if you got garbages! At least you got loottss of fishies and pirate treasure for your Summer Sun recipe and for Ship-all-items Achievement! Happy fishing!

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