STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town – Useful Tips and Tricks

This guide has some information on experience I gained by playing.

Tips and Tricks


Difficulty setting Normal or Sapling

After testing it seems that sapling gives a boost by 20% only so there is no fear of having friendships maxed out in a month or so. Even for skills the boost is not that enormous. That being said I recommend Sapling mode unless your in for the long haul.

Sleeping hour

This game punish the player hard for going to bed late.

  • Before 10pm get max stamina wake up at 6am.
  • Before 11pm recovery -10% and wake up at 7am.
  • Before 12pm recovery -20% and wake up at 8am.
  • Before 01am recovery -30% and wake up at 9am.
  • Before 02am recovery -40% and wake up at 10am.
  • After 02am Collapse recovery -50% and wake up at 11am.

Farm layout

In your first year… resist the urge to decorate you farm or holding off at planting fruit threes. The only thing you need to worry about is leaving enough space per aria to let nature do it’s thing. My suggestion is to use aria 1 for farming and aria 2 for your animals, hives, mushrooms and fruit threes.


In the beginning there is so much to do so little energy to spend, your best bet is to eat a meal at the bistro or hotel till you unlock your kitchen. After you have a kitchen try going for Shellfish soup and Grilled fish. The fullness effect only last for 2 hours if you need more energy.

Unlocking more things

Through these actions you unlock more: Sell at leased one of each item,leveling your skills and complete town upgrades.

Things to keep

  • Moondrop flower.
  • Blue Magic flower.
  • Red Magic flower.
  • Pink Cat flower.
  • Materials like stone, logs, planks,… You need them for building.
  • Produce try to keep around 9 of each type for cooking.


Unlocked when upgrading the tent to a cabin. It’s best to stock up on some produce because you never know when a birthday comes up. Try to complete as many Lovett cooking challenges found in the book at his house. I find the combination of Soup and Main to be the best food for if you need that extra bit of energy.

First days for boosted experience

1st day starting at noon I suggest trying to fix the chicken coop first. You find what you need around the structure. After this enter town and move to the right of town till you find a fisherman shack where you can unlock a fishing rod. From there head to the upper part of town and find the large white building, this is the museum where you unlock a camera. Left of the Museum you find stair leading to a forest aria where you find a fox to take a photo of. Eat something at the hotel or Bistro to get some energy back, Head back to the farm and forage for flowers, herbs and clams. Use the remaining stamina to fish and sell off what you got and hitting your bed before 10pm

Next days focus on farming/foraging/fishing and what you need to fix the bridge, Also expand on crops, I try going for 6 types of crops/flower 9 each in a 3by3 aria. As for saplings? Try to get at-leased 1 three each this will give you experience. Upgrade tent to cabin to unlock cooking,When unlocking the 2nd aria just try to focus on getting the barn and the mushroom log up and running. Now focus on unlocking the 3de aria

First year main focus

  • Boost Villagers Hearths, Talk to them daily and give birthday presents.
  • Boost your skills.
  • Unlock all areas, this can be done in spring with exception of last bridge to mines.
  • Complete the museum. Most fish and all Animals can be done.
  • Unlock all buildings.
  • Upgrade tools to gold.
  • Expand house to max.


Try to wait till you unlock the bigger sprinklers that unlock at level 8 farming.

My daily planner

  • Check birthdays and events.
  • Give pets some love
  • Check the need for seeds and shop closing days.
  • Sunny day: Water crops, take care of animals and let them out, Talk to all villagers and spend stamina on logging,foraging or fishing, Sell all forage and goods, Visit the sprites and go to bed before 10pm.
  • Rainy day: Take care of animals but leave them inside. Hit the mines if time left forage or fish. Go to bed before 10pm.
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