Stray – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Full list of all 24 Stray achievements.

How to Obtain All Achievements


If you are interested in a specific achievement, then I recommend you to use the search option. Hold down the «Ctrl» key, and then press «F» and write the exact name of the achievement in the search box.

  • Number of missable achievements: 1
  • Achievement “I am Speed”
  • You have to beat the game in 2 hours

Everything else can be done via Chapter Select

It’s better to start your first playthrough at slow pace, doing collectibles and activities achievements, so you can get used to the game and to make the speedrun (2nd playthrough) easier


Missed Jump

  • Chapter 2. Leave the sewers and entering the city outside

Not Alone

  • Chapter 3. Meet the flying drone B-12 for the first time

Cat Got Your Tongue?

  • Chapter 4. Talk to the first humanoid robot


  • Chapter 10. Enter the market street with neon lights


  • Chapter 11. At the beggining

Eye Opener

  • Chapter 12. Finish the story


A Little Chatty

  • At the beggining of the game you can start to meow even when your kitty goes through the pipes. Just spam meow button (B on xbox, O on ps, Left Alt on keyboard) until you see the achievement poped.


  • Can be boosted in Chapter 1. When you see 4 pipes in a row and game teaches you to chain-jump by holding down jump instead of tapping it. Feel free too boost around 100 jumps here and move forward to get the achievement a bit later naturally in game.

No More Lives

Chapter 2. After finding a dead robot you will be chased by little bugs with glowing eyes. Instead of running forward from them just let them bite you till death. Repeat this process until you see the achievement poped.

Can’t Cat-ch Me

  • Chapter 2. Same event as in previous achievement. But now you have to run forward from bugs. Make sure they don’t bite you. If you the action button to shake the bugs – restart the checkpoint. The easiest tactic is to run zig-zag. The achievement pops when you jump through the window at the end of the chase.

Boom Chat Kalaka

  • Chapter 4. After talking to the first robot (Guardian), you can see a basketball to his right. Push it off the ledge to make it roll into a bucket. If it doesn’t land in the bucket you can restart the checkpoint to retry.

Curiosity Killed the Cat

  • Chapter 4. After talking to the first robot (Guardian). Move down the stairs to the left of him. There you find a paper bag on the floor, leaning against wooden boxes behind a red cat sign. Press the button (Y on xbox, Triangle on ps, Q on keybard) to interact with it, you will put the paper bag on your head and the achievement pops. Robot called Morusque is also sitting here.

Télé à chat

  • Chapter 4. As part of the main storyline you will have to climb to the rooftops and talk to Momo. On the rooftops below Momo’s apartment is a couch and TV. Jump on the couch and press the interaction button on the remote to switch through the channels. Do this until the achievement pops, it has 8 channels total.


  • Chapter 8. You are not allowed to kill any bugs with glowing eyes using the (LB on xbox, L1 on ps) purple flashlight. You can run past all of them and shake them off (B on xbox, O on ps, Left Alt on keyboard) if they bite you. Feel free to restart checkpoint, if you kill any of them accidentally with the purple flashligh.


  • Chapter 9. After you reach the village, go up the ladder on the left and there will be 2 robots sitting at a table on the left, playing Mahjong. Simply jump on the table to get the achievement.


  • Chapter 10. After meeting robot Blazer and finding jacket and helmet for him, you will be brought to a factory inside a box. There will be 15 flying drones with blue search zones near them. If their searchlight turns yellow or red restart the checkpoint immediately. You’ll have to finish the factory, then return to Clementine’s Apartment and then leave the Apartment Complex. After this the achievement pops.

Don’t hurry. Check the drones’ watch path and after that quickly pass them:

  • 1st Drone – when it looks left run past its right.
  • 2nd/3rd Drone – in next room wait for the left drone to fly towards the right drone then jump across the barrels in the water behind the two drones.
  • 4th Drone – jump the box on its left to reach the switch behind it, pull switch, jump over the railing, hide behind the boxes in the middle when it looks away and run to the now open door on the left
  • 5th/6th Drone – In the corridor with moving containers, hide behind the containers to stay in the shadows, they block the drones’ sight.
  • 7th/8th Drone – In next corridor after jumping over the barrels in water, run behind the left drone then again use the moving container to stay in the shadows to walk past the 8th Drone.
  • At the end of the corridor is a red laser grid, jump in the barrel in front of it and roll it through the lasers to not be zapped. Activate the robot on the right and park it at the fence on the left, jump over the fence, pull the switch to open the fence door and activate the 2nd robot behind the fence. Park one robot on the left pad, one on the right pad, roll the barrel straight to the middle pad. Then escape the Factory via the Bucket Zipline outside
  • 9th/10th Drone – After leaving the Factory, back at Clementine’s Apartment Complex there are 2 Drones in the lobby. They stay fixed and only change the direction of their searchlight, run from one obstacle to the next while they look away and go up the stairs straight ahead
  • 11th/12th/13th Drone – After going up the first stairs there are 3 Drones on this floor. Head through the left corridor, then take the middle corridor where a drone flies back and forth (not the far right corridor). When the Drone is facing away from you, jump up the railing and drop down to the AC units behind the railing. Wait for the Drone to fly in the other direction and then jump up from the railing to get behind it. Go up the next set of stairs on the left
  • 14th/15th Drone – There are 2 more Drones on the top floor. Jump over the railing and balance over the beam in the middle that connects to the other side towards Clementine’s apartment. One drone patrols in front of it, when it moves to the right you can safely jump into Clementine’s Window
  • After getting all clues in Clementine’s Apartment you must still leave the Apartment Complex without being spotted. Jump out her window, make sure the patrolling drone is facing away, then jump above the railing onto the beam in the middle of the floor and drop down the ledges/AC units all the way to the bottom/lobby. Make sure the one drone in the lobby isn’t facing your way when you drop to the bottom, then run outside and the trophy should pop on your way to the Nightclub


  • Chapter 10. At the end you will enter a nightclub. There is a record on the table. Pick it up and place on the turntable at the main stage and press the button (Y on xbox, Triangle on ps, Q on keybard) to scratch it.


There are 67 Collectibles:

  • 27 B-12 Memories
  • 6 Badges
  • 12 Scratch Points (only 1 per Chapter needed)
  • 10 Nuzzles (5 needed for the achievement, Chapters 4 and 10 only)
  • 8 Sheet Music (Chapter 4 only)
  • 4 Energy Drinks (Chapter 4 only)

From your inventory, which unlocks in Chapter 3, you can track your collected B-12 Memories, Sheet Music and Energy Drinks.

A great video guide for all collectibles with timecodes in description:

Stray All Collectibles Video


  • There are trees and carpets, you can interact with them by pressing button (Y on xbox, Triangle on ps, Q on keybard) and must then scratch with triggers or mouse buttons and then manually end scratching the object, the animation doesn’t end automatically. Scratching for 5 seconds is enough. You only need to scratch one single interactable object per chapter. If a chapter has multiple you don’t need to scratch each one.

I Remember!

  • You also need to collect 4 energy drinks here to unlock 1 of the memories (actually 3 drinks are needed for the memory, but anyways we need the 4th one to get the Music Sheet).


Energy Drink #1

Directly across from where Morusque sits (where you found paper bag), interact with the blue vending machine and pick up the bottle that falls out.

Energy Drink #2

From Grandma go down the alley to her right. Climb the wooden crates and jump to the balcony to the right. On this small balcony is a vending machine, grab the energy drink from it. It’s above where the robot called “Rozey” is sitting.

Energy Drink #3

Jump down the balcony. Look in the direction you came from grandma, enter the alley on the right (leading back to where the chapter started). Immediately turn right again to go up some stairs. This leads to another drink vending machine and a memory. Alternatively, you can simply backtrack to the very start of the chapter and from that perspective the stairs would be to your left.

Energy Drink #4

Cross over to the other side of the rooftops. You’ll find a sleeping robot on a mattress, turn to his left and jump down, there’s a red vending machine on the rooftop. Interact with it and pick up the drink that drops out.


Cat’s best friend

  • You only need 5 Nuzzles and there are 10 and it even counts if you do the same Nuzzles again via Chapter Select. But you can just watch out for interaction button (Y on xbox, Triangle on ps, Q on keybard) near robots.


  • The Badges are stickers on the side of the cat’s backpack, the first of which can be unlocked in Chapter 4. They have unique designs so you can tell them apart to narrow down which one you are missing.

Music Badge #1

Return to Morusque and give him all 8 Music Sheets from your inventory to unlock the trophy! You should have all of them now if you followed the above steps.

Outsider Badge #2

Automatic story-related, unmissable. Given to you by Seamus when he opens the door for you at the start of the chapter, during dialogue with him.

Plant Badge #3

You must find 3 colored plants (purple, red, yellow) and give them to Malo upstairs to unlock the badge. Purple Plant is to the right of the 2nd Memory on the tree branch. For Red Plant jump in the bucket behind Mahjong players, leading to the area below where you’ll find the plant near 2 robots. Yellow plant requires going back to the floor where Zbaltazar was, on this floor you find the restaurant. Behind the restaurant climb along the wall/pipe to find it. Finally, from the restaurant climb up the ladder to the floor above, then climb up another floor via pipe on wall. On the left you’ll find Malo with a watering pot. Give him the 3 plants to get the badge.

Cat Badge #4

Go back in front of the elevator and up the stairs to enter Midtown (street with shops and neon signs). In front of the 2nd shop on the right (yellow building) is a white jacket robot. Jump through the window into the yellow shop. In the back of the shop climb the shelves on the right, leading to a safe on top. The code is 8542. Badge is in the safe.

Police Badge #5

Directly across from the restaurant is the big hologram robot, go down the stairs behind it and enter the first alley on the right (between 2 yellow-lit shops). Jump the small structure on the right and from there climb the AC units and roofs all the way to the top of the alley until you reach a window with metal bars. Climb in to enter a prison cell with a dead robot, grab the badge from him.

Neco Badge #6

Inside the Factory, in the 3rd room (after sneaking past the first 3 Sentinel drone), there’s a worker robot on the right, at a railing. He asks you to find his keys (must bring them back to him to get a badge). From the worker jump the beam left of the drone, use the switch, enter the next room. Hide behind the moving boxes until you reach the left end of the corridor. Jump on the first barrel floating in the water. Then IMMEDIATELY jump to the barrels on the right side in the water (don’t go straight). Key is there in the corner. Now jump across the other barrels through the water. Immediately on the left before the next drone is a switch on the wall, jump it to open a door back to the worker robot, give him the keys, he gives you the badge.


Productive Day

  • There are many places in game where you can sleep by pressing the interact button (Y on xbox, Triangle on ps, Q on keybard) and watch your kitty sleeping ^^.

For example there is one in Chapter 4. After meeting Guardian go to the left to find a robot with a guitar (Morusque). On the left of him there is a little cat bed, interact with it to lay down. Go away for 1 hour and don’t press any buttons. Just make sure to disable your controller and quit the menu with your keyboard to avoid autoturning the controller off and pausing the game while you are afk

I am Speed

  • It’s recommended to do this Speedrun in your 2nd playthrough, as you will know the game better and will react faster. You must beat the entire 12 Chapters story in 2 hours or less.

From the Title Screen start a new game in an empty save slot. It can be done in around 1h 30min so you have about 30 minutes left for smaller mistakes. Loading blackscreens don’t count towards the time but dialogues do. Cutscenes can’t be skipped and are added to your time

Useful tips:

  • During dialogues smash dialogue buttons (X and B on xbox, O and Square on ps) to skip through them quickly.
  • Deaths and checkpoint restarts are added to your time so avoid this.
  • Chapter 11 has a tricky part where you must lock 2 Drones into a storage room. It’s easy to die here. So it’s better to practice this point in your 1st playthrough without hurrying.
  • On the Title Screen you can scroll over your save slot to see your current time.

All Done

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