Stray – Alphabet Guide (Tips to Decode)

A decoded list of Stray’s letters, containing their Latin alphabet translations.

Decoded Letter List


Stray’s alphabet is what I’d like to call a “Latin substitution.” This means that each letter in Stray’s alphabet can be translated directly to a Latin alphabet equivalent.

By scouring through a lot of in-game text, I have recorded most of the letters used in Stray, including some interesting variants (If you see multiple symbols above a letter, it means that letter can be represented by any of those symbols).

A quick side-note is that not all in-game text is actually translatable. Most signs are, but filler pieces of paper usually amount to lorem ipsum text (which is Latin gibberish).



This version of the game’s font comes directly from the game’s files and is most accurate.

However, it does not contain mappings of the game’s numbers and only works with lower-case letters.


Official Fixed

This is a partially modified version, created by me, of the official font that includes mappings for lowercase characters, as well as some alternate forms of the letters E, I, and P.



This version was also made by me, but is much less accurate as it uses a different styling.

It specifically goes for a block-y aesthetic rather than the game’s mostly curved one, so it’s really dependent on your tastes whether you should use it or not.

Additionally, it contains mappings of the game’s numbers (1-9) and works with upper-case letters.


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