Stray – How to Change Color of Your Cat

I will teach you how to change color of your cat.

Guide to Change Color of Your Cat

Here I will show you how to change cat color by using mods.

At first you must register on site NexusMods.

After that you can visit this page.

And find mod that you want to install, at our situation you want to change color of your cat.

For example we will take black one.

Now We at the Page with Mod, What We Should Do Now?

As example, this mod.

So at first we must download this mod.

After downloading mod, we must copy .pak file from archive to:

  • steam\steamapps\common\Stray\Hk_project\Content\Paks

and drop your .pak file inside the paks folder.

After that you can launch your game and enjoy the new color of your kitty.

There Will Be More Mods for Stray on This Site

You can check NexusMods to find other mods for this game. Like mod that change your “meow” for other sound. Or mod that makes your kitty looks like Thomas Shelby.

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