Stray – Scratch Vinyl Achievement Workaround

I have been messing with this achievement for a couple days trying to figure a way around this bug.

Scratch Vinyl Achievement

What I did to get it:

First things first, verify the integrity of your game files: Stray – Properties – Local Files – Verify.

  1. Plugged in a controller, mine was PS5.
  2. Open Steam in Big Picture Mode.
  3. Start Stray through Big Picture Mode.
  4. Reset controls to default.
  5. Start the Chapter Midtown and Play up to the Night Club.
  6. Pick up the vinyl and wake to the DJ’s.
  7. Drop the vinyl on the floor and talk to the DJ’s.
  8. Pick up the vinyl and place it on the table and scratch it.
  9. Achievement Unlocked!

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