Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection – How to Beat Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Having trouble with Super Street Fighter II Turbo? Who isn’t? Fortunately, this behind-the-scenes look will show you how to get the achievement(s) associated with the game. Quick and dirty.

Guide to Beat Super Street Fighter II Turbo


This manual was discovered in the late ’90s, crumpled up inside an arcade cabinet in New Jersey. The guide passed through several people’s hands before coming to our attention. Relevant excerpts of the manual have been translated and heavily edited before being presented here.

Take note that, even if the game is outdated, Shadoloo may not be fond of these secrets being released. Read this at your own risk.


Welcome to Shadoloo, young recruit! We thank you for your interest in our benevolent organization. You must look forward to world peace as much as we do, and we will see this come true under our benevolent dictator, Lord Bison!

We just have a simple test for you to finish, to make sure you have what Shadoloo looks for in a recruit. Find your nearest arcade and look for the Super Street Fighter II Turbo arcade machine. Simply beat this game in under an hour, and you will receive instructions as to what to do next, and who to contact.

Remember that this is a test! Do not read the next section of the manual until you have accomplished this goal!

Do Not Read Until You Have Passed the Test!

I presume that, since you are reading this, you haven’t passed the test we set out for you. I would imagine you expect us to tell you that we are disappointed.

Just the opposite! We expect the best Shadoloo soldiers to act like sneaky, backstabbing weasels! If you aren’t willing to do what it takes to win, we don’t want you. Honor is for losers, and we are dedicated to winning!

In case you hadn’t noticed, Super Street Fighter II Turbo cheats. Even if it says it’s set at the easiest difficulty level, the game will operate on the hardest setting. So, what’s a successful Shadoloo soldier supposed to do when the opponent is cheating?

Cheat right back, of course! Let me tell you how.

How To Win – The Shadoloo Way!

Start the game and select your character to play as. Wait for the computer to choose a random opponent for you. Take careful note of who the computer chooses – this is critically important to the next step!

Once the fight screen loads, reach over and press the “Start” button on the second player’s controller. You do have a second player’s controller plugged in, don’t you? If so, good – you were thinking ahead! Use the second controller to choose the exact same character your opponent chose. Now use your controller to go ahead and stomp your defenseless foe into the ground.

That’s how Shadoloo fights best – when their enemies can’t fight back. Show that defenseless peon what you’re really made of!

Once you win the match, let the second player’s timer count down. You will notice on the victory screen that the computer believes you defeated your foe fair and square. Silly computer… it has no idea of the true power of Shadoloo!

Continue to defeat these chumps until you get to the Sagat battle. As the air fills with his agonized screams of defeat, make sure you save the game! This will be important later on.

Enter Lord Bison!

Note that this trick will not work against the great Lord Bison. You can’t expect to win that easily! You’re still going to have to take him down if you wish to join Shadoloo!

However, I’ll let you in on a little secret – that isn’t the real Lord Bison you’re fighting. No, it’s a clever impostor. As a result, he doesn’t know how to embrace the true power of the psycho crusher as you might! So go ahead and select Lord Bison yourself and out-impostor him!

If you don’t know how to execute the psycho crusher, simply pull away from your opponent for a couple seconds, as if you are blocking his feeble attacks. Then push toward your opponent and press a punch button – Fierce Punch will work best. If you do it correctly, Lord Bison’s body will be wreathed in flames, and he will fly through the air like a torpedo. If you hit correctly, your enemy will burn in the flames of psycho power! If he blocks, that’s fine, too. He’ll still take a little bit of damage from your attack.

Now, are you still pressing the stick in the correct direction? Good! Because if you did it correctly, you will now be on the opposite side of your opponent and – here’s a neat trick – while you were pressing forward, you are now pressing back! If you time it right so your opponent is just getting back on his feet, you can strike him with another psycho crusher. As his flaming remains strike the floor, you are charging up again, eager to annihilate him if he dares to rise. Do this enough times, and victory shall be within your dark grasp!

Note: You could have used this trick to defeat your previous opponents as well, but why go through that effort if you can cheat instead? Remember the Shadoloo way!

The Devil Is in the Details

Word has it that there is an assassin on the prowl for Lord Bison. If you haven’t encountered him yet, there is a trick you can use to summon him.

Do you remember when I told you to save during the end of Sagat’s inglorious defeat?

You will want to reload your game at this point. If you have followed this guide correctly, every match against your fake opponents should have ended in a perfect victory. If you did manage to take damage against an unarmed opponent… well, maybe you aren’t the type of soldier Shadoloo really wants.

In any case, as Sagat hits the ground hold down the “A” button on your controller. Or whatever button you are using for Light Kick – by default it should be “A” for “Akuma.” Keep holding it down until you see Lord Bison’s handsome face disappear from the screen. At this point, Lord Bison’s profile beside his life bar should be replaced by a shadowy figure, and that foul assassin, Akuma, will strike down Lord Bison! Good thing it was only an impostor!

If this doesn’t work the first time, reload the game from your save point and try again. It shouldn’t take too many attempts to summon Akuma.

And if you don’t win the battle, don’t worry. All you have to do is see his ugly face in order to get the achievement.


Congratulations, recruit! If you’ve reached this point – and survived – you have what it takes to make it in the ranks of Shadoloo! So please, submit your name and address, and the hours in which you typically sleep, and we’ll submit a team of experts to give you what you rightfully deserve.

And remember, the contents of this manual are top secret! If you reveal them to anyone… well, you may end up with a short face-to-face conversation with Vega.

Written by Sstavix

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