Street Fighter 6 – Every Master Locations (World Tour Mode)

A simple and effective guide on how to get find all Masters, Zenny grinding and unlocking classic costumes in Street Fighter 6.

How to Find Every Master and Earn Their Classic Costume in World Tour Mode

Master Locations and Classic Outfits

As of writing, there are only two ways to get access to classic outfits and it requires one of two things:

  1. Go to the Shop menu (accessed by pressing TAB) and paying for any and all costumes with a virtual currency (Fight Money). Fight Money can ONLY be purchased with real money so this method is quick but somewhat costly. Each classic/alternative outfit is 50 FM, the cheapest bundle is 250 FM for £2.98 or roughly $3.71/€3.46. You can work out whether the cost is worth it or not, but you can also get classic/alternative costumes for free provided you have time to spare and enjoy World Tour.
  2. The second method is to play World Tour mode. This can be time consuming, but if you are planning on playing it anyway, you may as well give the grind a try first before spending more cash on the game. To get the classic costumes through this mode, you must find the corresponding Master (aka new and returning characters from the World of Street Fighter) in World Tour and max out their bond to 100. Many of these Masters can be found naturally while playing, while others are more secretive. I will list them here for convenience. If they aren’t available, you may not be far enough into the story. I have kept spoilers to a minimum outside of where to go and what to do, but there may be very minor spoilers if you haven’t gotten far enough into the game. Most of these you will find naturally, but if you skip side missions or never change to nighttime you may need to refer to a certain character section.


Luke will give you access to new travel destinations during the 6th Chapter. The one we need to visit for Blanka is Ranger’s Hut in Brazil. Go to the world map and visit this location. An amusing cutscene will play out. Once it is finished simply speak to Blanka and you will learn his style.


Cammy will not appear until later in the story, around Chapter 7 or so. You will be given a Metro Free Pass by Luke during the story so you can access the subway, which is located near the central Beat Square Area, it is blocked off by a policeman/guard before this so you can not enter before owning the pass. When you enter for the first time an NPC will give you a new side mission to take out a gang in the Downtown Area. The mission is called Special Unit Del-. Track and activate the quest from your phone in the menu screen and head Downtown. You need to defeat 5 Mad Gear Dancers. After you do this, head back to the subway and talk to the NPC who gave you the mission. Afterwards, he will give you a ticket to England where you will encounter Cammy.


Chun-Li appears to be unavoidable during the story. You will meet her early into Chapter 2. Head over to China Town in Metro City. Going here will trigger a new cutscene that will introduce her and Li-Fen to you.

Dee Jay

He is found at Bather’s Beach, Jamaica. This location is accessible after Luke tells you to go there to find a souvenir (it unlocks at the same time as Ranger’s Hut in Brazil does, so you can’t miss it), once there a cutscene will play out and you will fight Dee Jay. His style can be learnt if you approach him after the battle and ask him to mentor you.


A little ways into Chapter 9 a new side mission can be found which will unlock Dhalsim. The mission is found near the Yoga Statue location at the southern point of Metro City. Go to this park like area during the day and an NPC named Anik will be here. He will sell you a statue for 7,000 Zenny. Go back to your hideout after this exchange and change the day to nighttime. Revisit Anik and a fight will start. You will be granted a travel ticket to Dhalsimer Temple, India where Dhalsim can be found. Speak to him and his style is yours.


The sumo wrestler is appears to be a part of the main story, so he may be unmissable. I will mention where he is located either way. The Big in Japan mission will be given to you later in the story and you’ll be tasked with visiting Chank House Edomon during the day. After watching the cutscene play out and taking a snapshot of E Honda, you can talk to him after this to learn his style.


While on Chapter 8-7 (High-Flying Man) you will need to wear the SiRN Labcoat earned during a previous main story mission. Head to the construction site in Metro City and speak to Jonathon who is standing just outside of it. He will tell you to go to the Grace Marina pier, speak to the highlighted NPC when you arrive. You will be transported to the military aircraft zone. Guile will appear after a small fight involving some rogue drones. Speak to him multiple times after this to get access to him.


The drunken martial artist is accessible later in the story, it’s possible he may be found earlier but I discovered him after Chapter 8. Switch from day to night in your hideout and then head to Beat Street Hong Hu Men. If you’re unsure of where I am speaking, go to where you found Chun-Li and then go down the side street near this area. There should be hostile enemies here, so it is easy to find.

The ladder you are looking for is down this street, near the end of it but before the street turns. Hug the geometry on the right side and you should see it. Climb it to the top and Jamie is there.

(These are the ladders you are looking for)


JP is not accessible until the main story is finished, so I hope you were not interested in getting his alternate costume as soon as possible. We need to visit the Suval’hal Arena Entrance at night. Go to the hangout in Old Nayshall to change the time of day if you haven’t already. You can speak to JP after this, who is found a little off in the distance after climbing a small set of stairs.


Juri is seen early in the main story when you and Bosch run into her in England, but she won’t be available as a Master until quite a bit later. A Hardboiled Adventure is the mission you need to do which is early Chapter 12. You can’t finish this until you’ve gotten a little farther into the Chapter 12 when you are forced to sleep, which unlocks the hangout in Nayshall.

During daylight hours visit the Central Bazaar and speak to Govind. Speak to the NPCs marked on the map after accepting the mission and then turn the time from day to night. Visit the eastern alleyway that is marked on the map and defeat the NPC. Juri should be accessible further up in the back alley, fight her and insist you want to learn from her afterwards and she will accept.


Ken is available early on, but he can be accessed later if you get stuck with an NPC fight. Head to the construction site in Metro City and you will be stopped by a worker outside, who will not let you enter unless you have equip the Safety Helmet Gear. You can earn this helmet earlier in the game by doing the side mission Safety First, which should unlock after completing the main mission The Search for the Bag. Speak with the worker on South Street, SiRN Building Area within Metro City and you will be asked to retrieve his helmet that was stolen. The thief can be found just outside the Training Center. Fast travel there and defeat the thief. You’ll unlock the hat afterwards.

Apparently, you can also buy the helmet later at Urban Park in the Muncipal Parking area through from the NPC Gammorah for 2,000 Zenny. I am not sure when this is available, but you can try this if you do not want to do the side mission.

Go to the construction site during the day, watch the cutscene involving Ken and then defeat Gus who is level 22, he is blocking the area to Ken. If you do this earlier in the game, you may find this hard to do if you’re still very new to the game, so feel free to come back later or use food buffs or buy new equipment if you’re struggling. Once he is beaten, go upstairs and Ken will be here.


She is found on a rooftop near Beat Square at nighttime during the High-Flying Man main mission.

Go to your hangout in Beat Square, the street to the right is what you’re looking for. Follow it until you see a ladder, it is pretty close by and shouldn’t be too hard to see. You know you’ve found the right ladder when you see the Level 28 Watcher NPC at the top after you go up. Continue following the path from here and you will find Kim at the very top. Speak to her and you will learn her initial moves and can give her gifts.

(This is the ladder you are looking for, right next to Greedy Grills)


Lily can be easily missed if you aren’t keeping up with side missions. During or after Chapter 4-1 you can find her through The Spirit Guide side mission. It should be marked on the map.

I mentioned where that ladder was for Kimberly, well, instead of going up it keep following the street and you’ll find Ana. Do as she says by defeating the NPC in the China Town district, return to her and travel to the Thunderfoot Settlement, Mexico. Fight Lily and then speak to her and you’re good to go.


Luke is unavoidable as a part of the story and is your introduction to the Masters. After the tutorial he can be found at the Training Center.


The fashion model is found during Chapter 7-3 during the Main Tournament Registration arc, but we will need a fair amount of Zenny to access Manon so keep this in mind. Speak to the NPC Oscar in Beat Square, we will get a new mission to put on a judo outfit. Both top and bottom can be purchased from the Drippin’ Style clothing shop right near you for a total of 10,800 Zenny. Equip both the top and leggings and return to Oscar. Speak to him to fly out to France, try walking up to the judoka near you and a fight will occur. Watch the follow scenes and after a fight with Manon she will be available.


You will find her on your own quite easily as she seems to be the tutorial that introduces you to world travel. Meet with Counterfeiter Leonardo in the southern Downtown Area to start and complete The Search for the Bag mission. He’s on the giant bridge, it can be a little annoying to get here because the map suggests otherwise. There are actually a set of stairs leading up to this bridge opposite of the ladders that reach Kimberly.

Once you’ve located him, get the required materials for a counterfeit purse and return. You will travel to Colosseo, Italy and fight Marisa. Speak to her afterwards.

(These are the stairs you are looking for that lead to the bridge, right next to Wendy’s Convenience)


Once you’ve met Honda you should be able to travel to Genbu Temple, Japan to meet Ryu. You will also have to take a quick picture of him before you can learn from him.


Turn day to night and go to the Stadium in the Urban Park Area to speak to Uou to start a new side mission called Hither and Thither, follow the steps by speaking to Saou near him and then fight Uou. He’s level 30 and can hit pretty hard, so watch out. You will unlock the Barmaley Steelworks, Russia. Speak with Zangief once you’ve arrived.

Once you’ve unlocked everyone and have decided on which classic outfits you need, we can start the grind. We need to purchase gifts, which requires a lot of Zenny farming.


Gifts can be given to any Street Fighter Master once they are unlocked. They can be earned through exploring or completing certain side activities and once gifted it will permanently raise affinity with the recipient. The amount raised will depend on the gift, an average/ill fitting choice will only raise it by 1 or 2 points. And we need to max it to 100 for the classic costume to unlock, so to speed this process up we are going to give the best possible gift, which will earn us 5 points each time.

The quickest way to earn gifts is by purchasing them from various vendors scattered around World Tour. Some of these vendors will not be accessible until certain milestones are hit during the story.

If you do not have access to the vendor or they do not have the item in stock, simply keep playing through the story mode until it is unlocked. Below will show the best possible gifts. (I did a bit of trial and error for this, but I must also give credit to Mollie Taylor of PCGamer for a few of these)

  • Blanka: Knock-off Blanka-chan doll (Bather’s Beach, Jamaica)
  • Cammy: Jellied Eel (Bather’s Beach, Jamaica)
  • Chun-Li: Canned Hearing (Shopkeeper Dora, Nayshall)
  • Dee Jay: Lukewarm Beer (Ranger’s Hut)
  • Dhalsim: Instant Curry Ultra Mild (Old Nayshall, Shokeeper Tsanpa)
  • E Honda: Rubber Duckies (Colosseo, Italy)
  • Guile: Natto (Genbu Temple, Japan)
  • Jamie: Bao Bao Bro Sticker (Bather’s Beach, Jamaica)
  • JP: Antique Playing Cards (Bather’s Beach, Jamaica)
  • Juri: Wrench (Dhalsimer Temple, India)
  • Ken: Cookbook (Thunderfoot Settlement, Mexico)
  • Kimberly: The Answer Lies in the Heart of Love (Bather’s Beach, Jamaica)
  • Lily: Celery Chips (Bather’s Beach, Jamaica)
  • Luke: Red Elevator 8 (Bather’s Beach, Jamaica)
  • Manon: Beaujolais (Bather’s Beach, Jamaica)
  • Marisa: Cold Tomato Soup (Fête Foraine, France)
  • Ryu: Instant Soba (Metro City, Urban Park, Chanko House Edomon Shopkeeper)
  • Zangief: Wooden Bear (Barmaley Steelworks, Russia)

Zenny Grinding

Now we know which gifts to get, we now have to earn enough Zenny to buy them. If you are planning to unlock every classic/alternative outfit this way, you will likely be here for a while no matter the choice you go for. Zenny is earned through battle, side missions and minigames scattered throughout World Tour. If I can find an even faster way to do this I will update this segment, but so far, the minigames seem to be the quickest way to earn Zenny.

When playing a minigame, choose the Hardest difficulty option. Normal will also give a substantial amount of Zenny but Hard earns you the highest profit. Hard will only be unlocked by completing a set high score on Normal difficulty, if you did this already and Hard has not unlocked you must complete more of the story. Most of the Hard unlocks will not happen until the near the end of the story. You will get a pop-up when a specific minigame has a new difficulty option. The story is also pretty long, but I think if you are rushing for a very specific character costume (outside of Juri and JP who you need to see most/all of the story to get access to) then Normal difficulty may be enough for you. I managed to very easily get 9,000+ Zenny on most Normal mini-games, so this should be fine. If you are planning to beat the entire mode, then you might want to wait until the end for this grind if you want to make extra Zenny.

I also recommend the ability Pay Day in the skill tree. This increases the amount of Zenny earned from these mini-games. It will speed up the process, especially if you’re planning to earn all of the alternative costumes without paying real money. Pay Day should add approximately an extra 1,500-3,500 Zenny to whatever game you play which may not sound like a lot, this will add up over time.

You may need to reset your skill tree if you accidentally chose a different skill over it or no longer have enough points to pick it. In this instance, go into your skill tree by opening the in-game phone menu with SPACEBAR. Head over to the status screen and navigate to the skill tree. Make your way to whichever page has the ability, it was page 4 for me.

Resetting the skill tree is not free and will cost 10 Continues. One continue is worth 10,000 miles and miles are earned through completing objectives when fighting NPCs (you can press T before fighting them to see what rewards they give), breaking objects like barrels or wooden crates across Metro City and sometimes you may earn a paltry amount of them while walking around. They are not super easy to grind if you aren’t occasionally getting into fights, so no worries if you cannot get the skill before starting. If the skill is available to you, make sure to unlock it.

So which game do you play? Well, it depends. If you are incredibly good at the hardest challenges and can routinely do them, then I’d recommend something like Ball Block Blitz on the hardest difficulty setting. Here’s the kicker though, you cannot miss a single ball AND you have to get a couple of perfect parries to restore your gauge throughout the 99 ball toss, if you fail to perfect parry a single ball the gauge will drain before you finish and failing will earn you far less Zenny.

It might take a few attempts to practice, but the reward is worth it if you can do this without messing it up. 40,000 Zenny or more in about 2 minutes. If you can perfect parry the white balls, you’ll get extra.

However, I think the most consistent method is to stick with the Scrap Heap truck crushing minigame if you want to grind.

This game is very simple, destroy the truck within 99 seconds. The only move you need is Marisa’s Gladius combined with Ken’s style for a deadly and simple combo. You simply press his Standing Hard Punch and combo it into Gladius, rinse and repeat until you have won. It’s that easy.

The video below should show how quickly this works. I usually finish around the 82 second mark and while I’m sure you can do this even more efficiently, this is incredibly easy to do and you’ll get 17,000+ Zenny each time.

You should be swimming in Zenny after a good 20 minutes or so. Not only is this useful for buying gifts, but you can use it to upgrade your character with new equipment to make the game easier, if you need the help.

You could stick with harder, more execution heavy minigames to rack up Zenny like in the case of Kung-Fu Target, Hado-Pizza and Ball Block Blitz. But you’d have to succeed over and over again and they are easier to fail than Scrap Heap. I’d stick with truck crushing if you want to avoid the headache of constantly retrying. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Pick whichever game is the most fun and is less tedious to you.

No matter what game you pick to grind, I wish you luck with the arduous process.

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  1. In World Tour, finished Chun-Li’s “mission” earlier (she asks you to try pizza minigame) and was rewarded with a cat pendant, which could only be given to Cammy and gave 30 affinity. There’re other ones too (haven’t found who they go to yet but presumably 1 per master, and probably earned in the same way) so they’ll cut out a chunk of the grinding. Also, some of the +2 and the +5 gifts can be won in fights with random street NPCs, if you keep your eyes open. Worth noting that you can earn -some- affinity with masters e.g. by winning sparring matches (7ish?) or picking answers they like (5ish?) when they question you as you rank up too.

  2. I feel like a decent way to get zenny is to find anyone who has gold/silver/bronze nuggets and destroy them. That and the drones with the glowing baloons also usually have nuggets on them too.

  3. Buy a bunch of heat pads, fighter magazines, and prepaid cards and you can use those to get max bond and are much more cost efficient than buying the preferred gifts.

  4. To unlock Normal difficulty for the Scrap Heap you need to complete more of the main story. I didn’t keep an eye on the exact story mission, but it should unlock after completing the story mission called Mission Briefing if you aren’t already beyond that point. You should be near the last 1/3 of the story by that point, so it may take a while before you can unlock this. Hard should unlock near the very end of the story, after defeating Rewancha during The Mountain Hideout. I believe you also need to have scored 20,000 or more points on Normal, too.

  5. How do I unlock the extra difficulties for the scrap yard? It stays on easy no matter what I do/how much points I get 🙁

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