Street Fighter 6 – Ken Combo / Move List (Character Guide)

The focus of Ken is Ansatsuken-based martial arts. He has an approachable style that is characterized by a fierce rushdown technique. He can overpower opponents and use a variety of devastating kicks. In addition, he has the option of using fireballs and anti-airs for a simpler strategy.

Ken may be found in the Metro City Construction Site in the World Tour mode.

Ken: Unique Attacks

MoveCommandWhat It Does
Quick DashKick + KickA quick forward sprint.
Emergency Stop(During Quick Dash) Light KickQuick stop from dash.
Thunder Kick(During Quick Dash) Medium KickOverhead kick attack.
Forward Step Kick(During Quick Dash) Heavy KickA forward kick with long reach.
Chin BusterMedium Punch, Heavy PunchQuick series of attacks
Triple Flash KicksMedium Kick, Medium Kick, Heavy KickThree kick sequence with long reach.

Ken: Special Moves

MoveCommandWhat It Does
HadokenQuarter Circle Forward + (Any) PunchFire a ki blast directly forward.
ShoryukenForward, Down, Down-Forward + (Any) PunchA devastating uppercut.
Dragonlash KickForward, Down, Down-Forward + (Any) KickLeaping roundhouse kick.
Jinrai KickQuarter Circle Forward + (Any) KickForward-moving roundhouse kick.
Kazekama Shin KickForward + Light KickLow kick.
Gorai Axe KickForward + Medium KickVertical axe kick.
Senka Snap KickForward + Heavy KickRoundhouse kick.
Kasai Thrust Kick(During any OD Jinrai Kick) Forward + (Any) KickFollow-up sequence of kicks.
Tatsumaki Senpu-kyakuQuarter Circle Back + (Any) KickA series of roundhouse kicks while moving forward.
Aerial Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku(During a forward jump) Quarter Circle Back + (Any) KickA series of roundhouse kicks performed while airborne.

Ken: Super Arts

MoveCommandWhat It Does
Dragonlash FlameDouble Quarter Circle Back + (Any) KickLaunch your opponent and perform a series of kicks while airborne.
Shippu Jinrai-kyakuDouble Quarter Circle Forward + (Any) KickA flurry of kicks that finishes with a rising Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku.
Shinryu ReppaDouble Quarter Circle Forward+ (Any) PunchOne-two Shoryuken combo with a final heavy Shoryuken.
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