Stumble Guys – Basic Tips And Tricks (How to Play)

Guide to Basics

Stumble Guys Controls

  • W = Move foward
  • A = Move to the left
  • S = Move backwards
  • D = Move to the right
  • Space Bar = Jump

And if you press the spacebar when you are in the air you get like a double jump

  • 1 2 3 4 = Emotes
  • H = Go to the lobby

Stumble Guys is one of the most entertaining games we’ve played in recent times, which consists of a version similar to the popular Fall Guys, but exclusively for Android and iOS.

However, it’s possible to enjoy this game on PC for free on Steam so that you can get the best experience with it, without having to pay.

In this sense, if you’re looking for a great free alternative to Fall Guys, then you’ll probably have a good time with this one.

Stumble Guys Basics

Just like with the game it took inspiration from, Stumble Guys offers a great variety of minigames, with the objective being to become the last remaining player at the end of the match.

Achieving this is easier said than done, though, since you’ll have to compete against a group of players whose sole purpose is to make you lose and seize the victory for themselves.

Luckily, we’re going to give you a few awesome Stumble Guys tips and tricks that will help you win your matches.

Learn to Weaponize Your Character’s Physics

The very first thing you’ll notice when you start playing Stumble Guys is how all the characters have physics: You can bump into others, block their paths with your body, or even push and knock them off ledges if they’re careless.

Stumble Guys, The Best Tips and Tricks to Win All Your Matches

If you want to win at Stumble Guys, not only do you have to reach the goal in your qualifications matches, but you must also impede others from doing so. Weaponizing the game’s physics and using them to your favor allows you to knock others down and may help you to reach the goal far before the others.

Use the Game’s Obstacles to Boost Yourself In Stumble Guys

There are two main ways of moving around:

  • Running.
  • Sliding.

However, there’s a third and secret way of progressing through a level, which you can achieve by using the obstacles to boost yourself.

In a lot of the minigames in this title, there are spinning obstacles that you must avoid since, if you crash into them, you’ll be sent careening away in any direction. However, there’s a way to use these obstacles to your advantage. Specifically, if you’re careful enough, you can make it so that these obstacles strike you on your back after you’ve run past, which means that they will knock you forward with a burst of speed.

Learning how to use these obstacles correctly can help you to turn a losing round into a resounding victory.

And just like these spinning hazards, there are other obstacles that you can use in order to save time and win all your rounds.

Sometimes, the Goal is Not to Be First

Depending on the type of round you get, it could be the case that the objective is not to reach the goal, but rather to survive for as long as you can.

These rounds tend to be complicated, long, and tense, especially if you’re up against players who know what they’re doing.

For example, if you’re playing the Bombardment minigame, where a pirate boat is shooting bombs at the platform where all the players are standing, the objective is to dodge the bombs and explosions and avoid falling into the water.

On these occasions, you can jump, slide, and run to avoid a watery fate, but you could also try to shove other players and make them fall.

On many occasions, the other players tend to stand still in a safe spot until a bomb lands near them.

You can take a chance when they’re standing and distracted to slide into them and try to make them fall.

But be careful because it’s very possible for you to fall alongside your victim!

Sometimes, the best way to seize the win is not by winning the round outright, but by making others lose!

Instead of Waiting, Jump!

In many of the levels in Stumble Guys, you’ll notice that there are obstacles whose sole purpose is to push you away and knock you down.

A lot of these obstacles move in a predictable, rhythmic pattern, so that it’s simpler to just wait and move when they retract.

However, this often takes time; time that could cost you the match, especially when there are skilled players that know how to jump over the toughest obstacles.

If you want to improve your odds of winning, we recommend that, instead of waiting, you learn to jump over certain obstacles to save time.

On the vast majority of occasions, this will be the tip that will help you win matches.

While everyone else waits until it’s safe to cross, you’ll be blazing through hazards like a pro.

It’s very likely that you’ll fall in the beginning—or stumble, if you will.

However, the great thing about Stumble Guys is that matches are usually very short and it takes nearly no time to start the next one.

And as you practice and get better, you’ll learn how to jump, slide, and dodge obstacles with ease.

See you at the top level!

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