Subnautica – Guide to Advanced Quick Start Technique

Advanced Quick Start Technique


This guide has 3 parts:

  1. Getting Your Feet Wet
  2. Lifepod 3 & Gathering Resources
  3. Lifepod 17, 19 & Alien Plants

Getting Your Feet Wet

  • Put your medkit & fire extinguisher in the lifepod’s storage to completely clear the inventory.
  • Your objective is to fill your inventory with quartz, copper, max 10 acid mushrooms and max 12 titanium (it’ll be enough, you better look for copper), also get 2 Cave Sulfurs
  • Craft a scanner, a flashlight, an oxygen tank (75sec).
  • Get 4 creepvine seed clusters (craft 2 lubricants, 4 Silicone Rubbers), 1 silver.
  • Craft fins, a repair tool, a knife, an upgraded oxygen tank (135sec), repair your Lifepod & Radio.
  • Look for small Aurora wrecks in 200×200 region near your Lifepod in Safe Shallows, look for blueprints, such as: seaglide, beacon, gravtrap.
  • Craft a seaglide and a rebreather.

The last tool that you will need to craft is the builder. You can find gold and silver in Lava Geysers and in Kelp Forest.

  • Craft the Builder tool.

Note: build your first base near your Lifepod, but keep in mind that you need a place for a Moonpool for your Seamoth.

  • Build a foundation, then an I-compartment, then L-shaped compartment to the left and an another I-compartment so 1/4 of your foundation will remain untouched. Further we will build 2 Exterior Growbeds in there so you will have quick access and a renewable source of plants such as Gel Sack, Deep Mushroom and Blood Oil. Build a fabricator, a radio and as much wall lockers as u can, so u will have a lot of space for loot.

Lifepod 3 & Gathering Resources

  • Pack a seaglide, a scanner, a flashlight and a knife and swim to the Lifepod 3, get the compass blueprint and a PDA.
  • Look for a “trench” or a “hole” (that has Eye Stalk plant inside of it) behind the Lifepod, go inside and loot every single sandstone that u see. Don’t go home until you have full inventory of copper, gold, silver and lead.
  • On your way back home try to get the mobile veichle bay blueprint.

Lifepod 17, 19 & Alien Plants

  • Go to Lifepod 17, scan stuff near the Aurora wreck, such as: laser cutter, battery charging station, propulsion cannon, scanner room, and most importantly – the seamoth.

Note: laser cutter fragments are located in cargo boxes on the sea floor of Grassy Plateaus.

  • Craft the Seamoth via Mobile Veichle Bay.
  • Get 2 Diamonds in the Jellyshroom Cave nearby the Lifepod 17.
  • Craft a laser cutter.
  • Go to Lifepod 19. Get 2 PDAs and a blueprint for the best oxygen tank. In Aurora wrecks nearby you need to get blueprints, such as: thermal plant, moonpool, PRAWN torpedo arm, reinforced dive suit, vehicle upgrade console and cyclops docking bay repair module / cyclops fire suppression system.
  • Get rubies, slate stuff and look for time capsules (there are a lot of them, at least 1, i’ve found 5).

One of the most important parts of this trip is to get Blood Oil, Deep Mushrooms and Gel Sack. Gel Sack you can gather nearby the Lifepod 19.

  • While exploring trenches at the depth nearby the Lifepod 19, u might find yourself in a Blood Kelp trench. Luckily, this trench is safe, unless you cross it and find yourself in Dunes. Stick to the bottom floor and descend to 500m (make sure you have Rebreather on, or you’ll suffocate), get 4 deep mushrooms and a couple of Blood Oils and swim back to your Seamoth ASAP. After your inventory is full of rubies, plants and other resources, go home. Plant seeds of these plants in order to have quick access to them.

The End

At this point you are free to visit Islands, Aurora or other Lifepods. This is the end of the first stage of the game.

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