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This guide will show you to make Subsistence look more vibrant and realistic via the ReShade Application. Not to say that the default game is bad, but it looks too…yellow to me, so I have made a ReShade preset to fix that.

Picture Examples and Comparisons

Over the course of a month I have tried to make and perfect a ReShade preset for Subsistence that breaks up the general yellow tint of the game and make it look more alive. The only downside is that Night Time might feel a little bit darker. But, it really isn’t that big of an issue as the difference isn’t even close to being large.

Installing Reshade

Installing ReShade is very simple and it should only take you a minute or two.

  • 1) Go to the ReShade Website and download the ReShade App
  • 2) Download the ReShade Preset (while you are there, you could also check out a more accurate comparison between Standard and SweetFX)
  • 3) Drag & Drop the Subsistence ReShade preset in the Subsistence Steam folder. Easy way to get to the destination is by right clicking Subsistence on Steam > Properties > Local Files > Browse.
  • 4) Rename SweetFX_Settings_b’Subsistence’_b’Photorealistic Subsistence’ .txt into SweetFX_Settings_b’Subsistence’_b’Photorealistic Subsistence’ .ini
  • 5) Once Downloaded, launch the executable, and select ” BUILD WITH UDK (UDK.exe)” . There will be two different UDK executables, make sure you select the one located in Subsistence/Binaries/Win64/UDK.exe
  • 6) Install ReShade on Microsoft DirectX9, this is what Subsistence runs on. Trying to install ReShade on Vulkan, DirectX 10/11/12 or OpenGL will not work.
  • 7) Select your preset. Click on Add and search for the Subsistence folder where you dropped the Preset .ini and select it.

That’s about it!

Keep pressing Next for the upcoming few pages and wait for it to install. After this, launch Subsistence. ReShade should be installed. Pressing the “Home” button on your keyboard will launch up the ReShade menu where you can customize things in case you want a specific effect to be more intense (e.g vignette).

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