Subway Midnight – Guide to Good Ending Solutions

Solutions to all the puzzles for the good ending.

Good Ending Solutions

Fishing Girl

  • Pick up the tackle box next to the subway turnstile shortly after the start of the game.
  • In the section where you have to pick up fuses and run from the shark, pick up the fuse from the end of the room, run back and use the lift then fall onto the platform the the girl is on. Talk to her and you’ll give her the tackle box.

Computer Girl

  • When you get to the black and white room with screens showing ‘INPUT’, choose all blue symbols and it’ll take you to a room where you can pick up a CD.
  • In the next room, after you finish the computer girl’s puzzle then you can use the CD on the right side of the large computer.

Gamer Girl & Teddy Bear Girl

  • Get 8 diamonds in Colin’s Game, then find the 2nd 8x diamond door – it’s in the square section that loops around a large pit, NOT the 8x door on the double wide road. Behind it is a letter, you can’t use it until your 2nd playthrough.
  • On your 2nd playthrough, talk to the teddy bear girl at the end of the section and you’ll give her the letter – the teddy bear will transform into an item.
  • On your 2nd playthrough, give the teddy bear to the gamer girl.

Painter Girl

  • In the rotating red room, in the last section before leaving the room use one of the arrows twice to rotate the room behind you. Then go backwards and pick up the red paint.
  • In the yellow maze room, look for the middle section and take the narrow path to pick up the yellow paint.
  • In the orange room, on the last section of memory tiles you can safely step on the tile above and the tile that has the orange paint on it, then pick it up.
  • In the blue room, the paint is in the middle path you can’t miss it.
  • In the green room, pick up all the flowers and the green paint appears in front of the door.
  • In the violet gallery room, closest red, gold, yellow, green, blue, purple, red at end.
  • Make sure to pick up the flowers from the start of the gallery room for later.
  • Give all the paint to the girl in the room with the white canvas.


  • Make sure you picked up the flowers from the gallery in the painter girl’s section.
  • Just give the flowers to Benny at the end.

Girl with Dog

  • Pet the dog after every door you complete.
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