Sue Shi Survival – Beginners Guide

A guide to help you win your first run if you’re struggling.

Guide for New Players

All credit goes to Cohn!

Before You Start

Before going in a run my first advice would be to turn on the Auto-Attack setting in the options menu. It will aim for you and attack when enemies are nearby. It lets you focus more on not getting hit instead of aiming.

I would also turn on Visibility Mode because it can make projectiles easier to see, and also makes all enemies of the same type the same color, so it should be way easier to passively tell what threats are where.

Character Choice

The first thing I would recommend would be unlocking the Itamae character, which you get from getting 100% Crit Chance in a run. This character is very easy to unlock, as all you need is the Opportune Strike ability, and then to not attack for 12 seconds.

He’s not a straight upgrade from Sue (no character is meant to be strictly better) but he does have a Fighter Ability with a higher impact than hers, which is good if you don’t remember to trigger hers every time it’s available.

But if you don’t have him or don’t want to use him, that’s alright and the rest of the guide is still useful.

Ability Choice

Generally I think the easiest abilities to use are the one from the Base class – which is the green one that gives you flat stats. They’re always good and you never need to worry about synergy because they work well with every weapon. The main thing you need to worry about is killing the final boss – as it’s the only enemy 100% required to kill to win the run – so these stats should be some of the best to help achieve that.

The defensive perks are also generically good, like Hard Hat and Summoned Turtle. On top of that there are some perks that can help clear hordes without requiring you to enter a threatening range. For those I would recommend Virus and Summoned Flying Fish.

If you don’t get offered any of those abilities you can feel free to reroll, heal, or just pick something that seems like it will help you the most.

Alternatively you can go for the Botanist abilities, which is stronger but requires a lot more luck and more risk. I would avoid most other ability trees as they have a more niche usefulness that requires a better understanding of the game and you need to use more mental bandwidth keeping track of them.

When against the final boss, buying the abilities from the Potion Maker tree is a good idea, as they’re very strong for a short amount of time which can be just what you need to finish him off.

Weapon Choice

Cleaver is good because it scales on it’s own and is free – but it does have the weakness of requiring you to be in close proximity to enemies. It’s a very brain-off option that is solid.

The scythe is good for the same reasons, but it’s weakness is more that enemies very close to you actually won’t be hit by it because it deals damage where it’s blade is.

The mace too is good because it does double damage to bosses – which is a very useful thing when your primary goal is to just kill the final boss.

All the other weapons are fine choices too, they just generally require more thinking.

Gameplay Advice

Obviously your main goal should be not getting hit, but on top of that you need as much EXP as possible so you can get the abilities that will let you kill bosses.

One really good strategy I’ve found is running from enemies in a straight line and swinging at the ones chasing you (slowing down to make sure you can always hit them). Then after reaching the wall I go the opposite way and do it again – picking up all the EXP left behind by the previous path.

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