Sunny-Place – Save File Location

What is the location of the sunny-place save data? Read below.

Where to Find Save Files

If you need to find save file of your The sunny-place game progress then read next.

It’s not difficult to find them. You may find your sunny-place saves in this folders:

  • Users>(your username)>AppData>LocalLow>tjern>sunny-place


Steam does not transfer save data automatically. If you download this game on a different computer of yours, it will act like you have no save data. My computer died and I was able to retrieve my save data to use on my laptop.

The Path

Keep in mind that “AppData” is usually hidden and you will need to change computer settings to view hidden folders/files if you have not already. Luckily this is pretty easy, but I’m lazy so just look it up if you aren’t sure.

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