Super Animal Royale – 100% Full Achievements Walkthrough

This guide explains how to complete the game with all obtainable achievements.

Complete Achievement Walkthrough

First Kill

  • Get 1 kill.

Drop in and get a kill. Easy.

Claws and Effect

  • 20 melee kills.

Once in the game, you will want to stalk someone and land right before they do, you can freefall by and open the parachute. Once you land, if you see any gun, pick it so they don’t kill you with it, and switch to your melee weapon once the enemy lands you will want to hit them. Melee attack damage is 33 and it takes 4 hits to take someone down, getting the first hit is very important (but you can still kill them if you dodge correctly). If you want to, continue the match and try to kill more people, and if you can’t, just start another match.


  • Play 100 games.

Simply play 100 games.You can tie this in with melee kills and drop in, get melee kills, die and then start a new game.

Big Boom

  • 10 Grenade kills.

This achievement is normally really hard and long because of the bad grenade controls, but you can of course easily get this one too! Just go to the Most Populated Server at the time. Then wait until the eagle kicks you off along with the other AFK players, land before them, and get a grenade or two from the local buildings/campsites. One grenade will kill someone with no armor if it’s thrown right on top of them, one skunk grenade will kill someone with no armor if thrown right on top of them.

If there aren’t any AFK players or too many players at the end then quit the match quickly and join again to be in another server.

Roll Out

  • 50 Hamster Ball Kills.

The hamster ball is the blue ball that you find laying on the ground.

You can see it while you’re in the plane, so try to aim for it and land down on it. but you can also see it while you’re traveling on the ground, and then just hop into it.

Once you are in it, you can roll around. When you run over people, it will damage them. If you hit them with speed, it will potentially one-hit kill them. It’s harder to move when you are in the ball than when you are walking normally. So try to stick to open areas.

A+ Repair Job

  • 50 Super Tape used.

You pick up super tape on the map. It looks like duct tape. Use 50 times.

Super Tape Can’t Fix That

  • 400 Armor broken.

Armor is found around the map. There’s level 1-3 with level 3 being the best. You can repair with Super Tape pressing C. This achievement is for having your armor destroyed.

Get Juiced

  • Drink 2500 Health Juice.

Health Juice is found around the map and you press Q to use it when your health is not full.

You Bring the S’mores

  • 10 Campfires used.

Around the map are campfires. Stand near them with low health and they will ignite and heal you.

Holy Moley

  • 10 Mole Crates opened.

The mole crate is a supply drop. It’s a yellow icon that will show up on the map. The mole will dig to another nearby place.

Every Super Dog Has its Day

  • Solo victory.

Just like other battle royale games you wanna last and survive to be the final player alive. There’s 64 players in the game and it will fill with bots if there’s not enough players. You can change your region in the game to fight mostly bots and make it a bit easier.

When you drop, search for super rare weapons and a level 3 armor. Fill your Super Tape and Health Juice. From the Super Powerups, Ninja Booties and Cupgrade are top tier.

Super Birds of a Feather

  • Duo or Squad victory.

You need to win Duo (two players) or Squad (four). Read the tips for winning in the Every Super Dog Has its Day achievement guide.

Praise Banan

  • Find the Banan cave and place a banana on the offering plate.

You can find the Banan Cave on the top right corner of the map and the coordinates are G2.

You’re looking for a stone mountain with lots of trees on top of it and the entrance to the cave is on the left side and once you’re inside break the boxes and head down the tight path and you’ll find a banana statue with a brown plate/birds nest looking thing and you’ll need to throw a banana directly onto the plate to unlock the achievement.

You can easily find a banana by going outside and cutting the grass with your melee weapon.

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