Super Auto Pets – Ultimate Dog Guide (Strength, Weakness, Best Food, Best Pets, Tips)

A guide to help beginners utilize dog.

Definitive Guide to Dogs


This is a detailed guide that will help you become a better dog player. A strong scaling unit is often key to getting 10 wins in super auto pets. Dog is one of those units. Whenever you buy a pet, it gains additional stats, making it stronger. It is one of the primary pets to carry your team to 10 wins.

Dog Attributes

  • Lvl 1 – Friend summoned: Gain +1 Attack or +1 Health.
  • Lvl 2 – Friend summoned: Gain +2 Attack or +2 Health.
  • Lvl 3 – Friend summoned: Gain +3 Attack or +3 Health.

Stats raised are random. Stats raised outside of battle is permanent and during battle it is not permanent. It’s ability to gain stats in battle provides an early game advantage when running swarm builds that summon pets in game. However it falls off quickly because the stats gained is not significant in the late game against pets with big stats.


Dog is the most reliable scaler because there’s always pets available to buy and sell. You can always buff a dog every turn.

Compared to worm which can only take specific food that buffs worm like pears and apples. Granted you can apply special status food like garlic armor on worm to buff it with its own effect but the buff is very small.

Meanwhile there are scaling units like Bison that requires you to have lvl 3 pet so it can buff itself. This require luck in terms of getting a level 3 and getting a bison early. Bison takes time to scale and i believe it is only worthwhile if bison is level 2.

In-battle buffs from swarm builds. As mentioned in the earlier paragraph, swarm builds provides additional buff to dogs in battle when pets are summoned. This is useful in the early game when small stat differences can win or lose you games.


Requires empty space to buy and sell pets to buff dog. This results in a loss of advantage where you could have developed an additional pet to support the team. You are essentially one man down 4 vs 5 which is a significant disadvantage.

No special effects that can give you an edge when opponent have equal power. In a game where there is a skunk with melon armor of equal power to a dog with the same power and melon armor, the skunk wins because of its effect. The dog provides no late game value as its effect is only buffs.

Synergistic Pets

Swarm pets like sheep, fly and rooster that allows dog to gain additional stats in battle when more pets are spawned. Useful from early to mid game when dog stats are not very high.

Dragon and shrimp provides additional buff when you buy and sell pets. Dragon is the better option because it provides aoe attack and health buff. Shrimp is not as powerful because it only provides random health buff which is insufficient to win games later.

Skunk helps to reduce health of opponent’s strongest pets for dog to defeat easily.

Possible 10 Win Builds

Below are potential builds you can run with dogs. They are not fully exhaustive. Dogs are very strong scalers that can go with different pets. Most importantly, Super Auto Pets is an Auto Battler where flexibility is necessary and 10 win builds are often unique based on what you roll.

  • Fly – Dog – Swarm pet (can be supported by whale/tiger/turkey)
  • Skunk – Dragon – Dog
  • Snake – Dog

Best Food for Dogs

Garlic armor provides 2 damage reduction which is effective against swarm builds that have a lot of pets with low stats. This is useful in the early to mid game where pet stats are low. However its effectiveness falls off in the late game.

Melon armor provides a one time 20 damage shield which is effective against pets with big stats and scorpion. It is useful in the late game when pets are hitting for 30+ damage and above. This allows your pet to take lesser damage while destroying the enemy’s pet and it stays alive for another kill.

Useful Tip

To increase your dogs growth you can make use of pills on your roster’s swarm units like spiders and sheeps to summon additional units to buff your dog at a discount. Pills only cost 1 gold. This saves you 2 gold in comparison to buying a new pet at 3 gold to buff your dog.

Written by Stallob

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