Super Dungeon Maker – Official FAQ

Here you can find some answers to the most popular questions about the Super Dungeon Maker game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I submit my own Dungeon right now?

Of course we have a possibility for you to upload your own Dungeons. Right now you can send those directly to us:

How will the Boss fight work?

Currently it’s a kind of block coding, though at this point it might still change to another form of visual scripting. Definitely no text coding. There will be different bosses in the future. Can’t tell the number yet. But the goal is to offer a relatively low number of moves/attacks, but allow those to be configured via additional variables.

Where to find the save files

Each local dungeon consists of two separate files:

  • Screenshot
  • Dungeon File

Both files can can be found in the same directory:


  • C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\FIRECHICK\SuperDungeonMaker\LocalDungeons\


  • ~/Library/Application Support/FIRECHICK/SuperDungeonMaker/LocalDungeons/

The files have the same name with the dungeon having the suffix “_dungeon.dgn” and the screenshot “_preview.png”.

Where do I find the online Dungeons?

Move to the right house and you´ll find the uploaded Dungeons. Just have a look on our Screenshot.

Where can I build Dungeons?

Move to the right house and your creativity can run wild! Just have a look on our Screenshot.

What about Co-op?

During the development we´ll see what is possible but it is not planned yet.

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