Super Lesbian Animal RPG – Final Bosses Guide

How to Defeat Final Bosses

Javis Boss

First up, Javis. As expected, he has a whole lot of tricks up his sleeve – several of which will be familiar if you fought a certain set of optional bosses not covered by this guide. His basic attack is Energy Blast, which hits for a lot of damage, and he can attempt to corrupt the party with Corruption Beam. Most unconventional is Betrayal, which will cause one of the party members to be ganged up on and attacked by the other three. This will be particularly bad if any of the mind controlled party members has a lot of attack buffs. (Like, oh, say… Allison.)

His true main mechanic, though, is summoning a glitch chimera based on one of the party members:

  • After falling below 80% health, Javis will summon Glitch Jodie, who can use Multi-Barrier, Crack in the Armor, and Binding Chain.
  • Below 60% health, Javis will swap in Glitch Allison, capable of using High Kick, Lightning Kicks, and Blast Beat.
  • Below 40% health, Javis will swap in Glitch Claire, capable of using Multi-Scorch, Inferno, and Avalanche.
  • And finally, below 20% health, Javis will swap in Glitch Melody, capable of using Second Aid, Mana Drain, and Gust.

Like with the Gumball Goliath, the options here are basically to play it safe and take out the adds, or just focus on Javis. Javis can only have one glitch chimera out at a time, so there’s no fear of things snowballing out of control with a full set of glitched party members, and the fight will end if he’s defeated. Of course, the glitch chimeras know some powerful attacks and support moves that can make the fight more of a handful, and they each only have 2000 HP compared to Javis’s 10000. If any one of them is giving you a lot of trouble, don’t be afraid to take it out – one Blast Beat from Allison will likely take out a majority of their health.

Javis is weak to Allison’s High Kick as well as ice and water damage. The glitch chimeras, on the other hand, have no elemental weaknesses, but they also don’t have any resistances, so hit them with whatever you’ve got.

After beating Javis, he will begrudgingly open the path to the summit. Head that way for the next fight. You’ll find a save point near the top, as well as a warning that confronting Verena will put you past the point of no return. If you have anything left you need to take care of, do so now. You’re still able to leave the dungeon at this point.

Queen Verena Boss

Queen Verena puts up a less convoluted fight than Javis, wanting a fair duel with the party, but that doesn’t make her any less powerful. Verena has a wide range of flashy magical attacks at her disposal, both single- and multi-target. Of her initial moveset, the most dangerous would probably be Three of Pentacles, a spell that combines fire, ice, and electric damage and has a 33% chance to either freeze or burn the target. Verena is also capable of using Blink like Claire, which will render her impervious to damage for a turn (although status ailments may still hurt her). Every time she reappears, she’ll cast Magic Burst to attack the entire party.

After Verena drops below 60% health, she’ll throw off her cloak and manifest her wings, beginning phase 2 by unleashing more of her true power. She’ll immediately cast Mana Boost on the whole field, denoted by the pink background. Mana Boost lasts for two turns, during which everyone’s magical power is amplified 25%, including both Verena and the party. As such, she’ll focus on hitting you with her strongest attacks during this status and stop using Blink. It’s probably a good idea to do the same and fire off your most powerful spells back at her during Mana Boost. Throughout phase 2, Verena will have a chance to cast Mana Boost again any turn the buff isn’t active. She also gains a new attack, Starflame, which will burn the whole party.

Verena has no elemental weaknesses and resists most status ailments, so just try to hit her with whatever your strongest attacks are, especially during Mana Boost. Unlike with Javis, there’s no move that can potentially turn the party against each other, so heavy use of attack buffs is once again a powerful option.

After the battle, a story scene will play, and you’ll then find yourself in a new area. Proceed forward. You have arrived at the final battle.

God King Javis Boss

The grand finale. God King Javis will continually fire off a bunch of strong moves, but Melody and Allison’s newly powered up abilities serve as the key to victory.

Melody has learned Paladin’s Aid and Paladin’s Cure to keep the entire party healed, Cleansing Light as a new magical attack, and Fight On as a Star Power move that fully heals the entire party and revives any fallen party members. Should Javis summon a Glitch Barrier, Melody’s Cleansing Light will remove it. Meanwhile, every two turns Javis will move a smaller star with an eye around on his rings. This is his weak point, denoting which of Allison’s enhanced directional attacks should be used to deal the most damage. Blast Beat and Divebomb have been removed from her move list, so her directional attacks are now once again her strongest moves. Keep building Allison’s Star Power and then immediately spending it on the appropriate directional attack every two turns to maximize her damage output.

While Melody and Allison are the stars of the show here, the rest of the party can still contribute. Jodie remains helpful with her barriers and Crack in the Armor, and Claire’s magic can still help chip away at Javis’s health. It’s also not a bad idea to have Claire in a support role here, giving her a Spellbook with buffs or debuffs in order to allow Melody and Allison to focus on their new moves.

Before long, you will have beaten the final battle.

After this, you will automatically proceed to the Epilogue.

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