SUPER PEOPLE – Best Settings Guide (Graphics and Controls)

Best settings that can make you less noobie.

Guide to Graphics Settings and Controls

Graphics Settings

  • Anti-Aliasing – This reduces the chances of fuzz or artifacts in the game. However, it is really demanding especially when set high. Keep this low to save some processing power but you might get the occasional bit of noise on your view if you find it too distracting to bring this setting back up a notch.
  • Post-Processing – This can add effects to the image while you play easier. Essentially, you don’t need it and it is an unnecessary addition.
  • Shadows – Very Low. These are bizarrely taxing on the system and contribute almost nothing to gameplay. The best PUBG settings have to go for a high FPs than the nice details on the ground like shadows.
  • Textures – Low or Medium. Textures make the game run a little slower, but they’re one of the in-game settings that actually makes a pretty big difference to how it looks, so it is okay to leave these on medium for the sake of a playable image.
  • Effects – Very Low. Visuals effects can be distracting more than anything as well as hitting your FPS.
  • Foliage – Very Low. We all like to see pretty trees and such, but it will take a toll on your CPU keeping his high.
  • View Distance – Put this as high as your PC can manage. This effects how far away you can see things. Obviously this gives you a tactical advantage, so putting it higher is for the best.
  • Sharpen – This unnecessarily messes with the image.
  • V-Sync – This synchronizes the frame rate with the monitor. Turning it off runs the risk of more artifacts, but it is a worthwhile trade-off for the improved frame rate.
  • Motion Blur – This just gets in the way.


  • Advanced Scope Settings – Enabled this will allow you to customize your sensivity trough all different scopes you can set it to your preference and your DPI. can improve to spray with higher scopes if you increase a little bit sensivity of the bigger scope.
  • Key input Method – ADS only hold this might help you scope way faster than on Toggle as it have a slight delay. also it will be way more smoother to go in ADS.
  • Key Settings – AIM/ADS when you launch your game you will have aim and scope and ads on your right mouse button which is bad you might wanna go in ads but instead of it you will go in aim over a shoulder which happened to me so many times you should never keep it like this and definietly swich this up this might improve your gameplay a lot put aim only on your keybind which one u would like you can keep it on original one but you should switch ADS Only and this put on your right button.
  • Jump/Parkour/vault – i suggest putting jump and parkour on diff key binds instead having both on space sometimes you would want just jump around while being in fight but if you will be too close to structure {lets say fence} and you gonna hit spacebar as jump you gonna start vaulting over it instead of jumping which will put you in animation and you will be dead in that time which makes you unarmed and no way to cover yourself from enemy makes easier for him to get you down. So seperate these two i got jump on spacebar and parkour on V.
Written by Rurouni Kenshin


  1. My settings for 1440p RTX 3080 are all very low or off, view distance on medium, textures on high/ultra, and sharpness maxed.

  2. i think it states view distance does not affect players. so i would keep that on medium specifically. if you turn it any lower you will have this odd bug that causes shadows to turn on and off while playing

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