Super Squidlit – Notes and Buttons Locations

A location guide for the buttons and notes found throughout the game!

Guide to Locations of Notes and Buttons


The guide is divided by each level. The areas listed by name are a notable landmark in the game. Anything simply listed “area” is a basic platforming section where you have to go from one door to another.

There are a few terms used in the game and a few skills you might need:

  • Air hover: This is the act of inking over and over again to try to keep your vertical position while going left or right.
  • Roll climb: Rolling against a wall over and over again, moving you vertically up higher with each roll.
  • “Closet”: In the FPS sections, this is the small available space possible.The walls are as close as you will ever see two opposite side walls, and the back of it is pretty shallow. Most of these hold false backs that will go up if entered.

Blipston (6 buttons, 2 note)

Town area

  • Button: First button in the game and it might be the most well hidden one. Find Bnurpy the Mushroom Squidlit in town. When you press down, one of his eyes will move towards the other eye. You can then press the jump button to control the other eye and dodge the collision. Make one eye jump over the other one three times in one go, and a button will appear out of Bnurpy

Area 2

Button: path above a snail. Must dodge a slug to get it. Just off screen after that.Slightly to the right.

Note (Ooblugs): First stone wall. Must jump left from the area the slug was on for the button. Air hover to get to it.

Area 4

Note (Sky Shield): After breaking the first barrier, you find a breakable (brown block). Go down, follow that path.

Button: Above the breakable brown block mentioned for the previous note.

Area 5

  • Button: When you have a path leading downwards (after passing 2 ladybugs), you should see a barrier on the left side. Smash that instead.

Pub/Dock area

Button: Located on the roof of the pub.

Button: Go all the way to the left of the area. Dock will end, you can jump in the water. Button is in the water, slightly right.

Ice Volcano Island (6 buttons and 3 notes in Plip’s section, 2 buttons in the FPS areas)

Lift area

Note (Squishu): After the lift operator, there is a hole in the ground. Go down and head left.

Button: Located a few platforms above the lift operator.

Area 1

  • Button: After 3 pinecones, there is a small tunnel with an enemy walking in it. Roll against the wall to climb up and over instead.

Area 2

  • Button: Near the end of the area there is a floating block just before a pinecone drop. Get on top of it, then ink hover to the right. Roll climb up the cliff (this will be above the exit door). The button is there on top.

Area 3

Button: In the section with all the breakable brown blocks, there is one hidden in a block on the far left side.

Note (Squishu’s Riing): In the same section as the button, there is one hidden in a block on the far right side.

Area 5

  • Button: After going down the hole, you will pass by a save space and see an opening upwards. Climb up the opening and you should see the button.

Hotbath area

  • Note (Mana): After the save space, climb up above the opening to the cave.

FPS Area 3

  • Button: Go to the left from the start. You will fight 3(?) flatworm ghosts while going down a corridor. The end of the corridor looks like a dead end, but if you go into the small space (should be on your right) a hidden door will open to reveal a button.

FPS area 4

  • Button: There’s an intersection where you can go all 4 directions. Go left from the the way you were facing at the start (you should fight a flatworm ghost and icicle enemy). Behind the enemies you should find a “closet space” with a fake wall leading to a button.

Hotbath area (melted)

  • Button: Ink a few times in the hotbath (the colour should change) and then speak to the ooblug in green next to it. He will give you a button for making the bath into saltwater.

Carbonifera the Storm island (7 buttons and 2 notes in Plip’s sections, 3 in FPS areas)

Area 1

  • Button: After a little tunnel with an enemy at the start, you’ll see some stairs up and to the right. Climb up them and bounce on the mushroom you see. Button is to the left.
  • Button: After fighting a spore spitting mushroom after getting the last button, bounce on the blue mushroom under it. Roll against the wall to the right to climb up.

Area 2

  • Button: You can see it if you jump right at the start. Keep walking until you find a “triangle” of platforms and stand on the top one. A dragonfly will come and you can right the dragonfly.
  • Note (Eneri): Around the ⅔ part of the level, there’s a door to the right of a little hole (you can’t miss it, you have to go over it to end the level). Do in the door and hop up the dragonflies to find the note at the top. If you fail, you can try again by exiting the door and going back in.

Area 3

  • Button: If you follow the top path, you’ll find a door on a platform. Enter it. As you go down this subsection, you’ll find the button on the right.
  • Button: After the door to the last button, go down the next hole. You will see the button in there.
  • Note (Chicken): Heads up, you’ll need to follow the lower path for this. Anyways, when you find the end of the level, back track on the higher path. After you pass a redcap enemy, a dragonfly should come from the right (if not, reset the level, this is the lower path issue I mentioned). Hop on it and ride it to the end, you’ll see the note on a platform above the level end door.

Area 4

  • Note (Loshia): Following the top path, you’ll see a door in a corridor. Go through and climb up. The last jump requires you to ram against the smaller stump, ink to get between the gap and roll to keep moving upwards (this is the hardest one to get so far).
  • Button: After exiting the door for the previous note, perform a roll climb up the left side of the tree that it was in.

Area 5

  • Button: While climbing inside the first tree, you’ll see a path going to the left. Ignore it, climb up the wall to the right by rolling against it. Button will be at the top to the left.

FPS area 2

  • Button: near the end of the level, on a left hand side wall from your starting position (on your right if you backtrack from the end), there is a little “closet” area with a secret wall.

FPS Area 3

  • Button: Follow the left wall from the start. You should find a “closet” space with a fake wall pretty quickly.

FPS Area 5

  • According to the developer, there should be a button in this section that is not showing up. Will be patched in.

Biblobia (8 buttons and 5 notes in Plip’s sections, 3 in FPS areas)

Despite being told there are 8 buttons in the platforming section by the developer, I have not been able to find them all.

Area 1

  • Button: At the cave platform just after the first tree, turn left. Jump, ink twice, then you should be able to roll against a ledge to climb up it. OR after the zig zag section in the cave, fall of the first cliff, then jump to your left. Button on the left of the ledge.

Area 2

  • Note (Tomes): After the 4th hoppy enemy, you’ll see stones shapes like stairs above you. Roll into them to climb, note is at the top.
  • Button: After getting the Note, fall in the first hole on your path forward. The button will be on your right if you continue after that.

FPS Area 3

  • Button: Follow the left wall. You will see a small “closet” area behind a pillar.

FPS Area 5

  • According to the developer, there should be a button in this section that is not showing up. Will be patched in.

FPS Area 6

  • Button: On the right wall in the area where you meet your first enemies, there is a “closet” space with a false wall.

Area 6

  • Button: You should see it above you as you start down a tunnel that starts with 2 blue bugs walking back and forth. When you get to the door at the end of the area, turn back and take the higher path.

Area 7

  • Button: Above the first enemy, there is a door. Roll into the wall and press up to enter door. Button will be visible right away. Follow the path and when you can drop down, head left.
  • Note (Relk): After getting the button just mentioned, take the highest path to the right. You will need to drop down and head left in a small tunnel space.
  • Button: After returning to the main area, you will see a book above you in a shaft. Let it fall. Roll against the wall of the shaft to climb up. Button is at the top.
  • Note (Grimwar): After a zig zag section, you’ll find a caterpillar enemy. Kill it, and use the book cover it was throwing to hold down the red button (you can roll into the book cover to move it into place).

Area 8

  • Note (Cliodhna): After you see the first muffin of the level and you start going left, there are some breakable brown blocks. Climb them, and you will find a save spot, a squidlit and the note to the right.

Area 9

  • Note (Word Jelly): Located in an area above two blue bugs just before the blue door. Roll agains the wall on the left hand side to climb up it.
  • Button: Located to the right of the word jelly note.

Attacked at sea (5 buttons and 2 notes in Plip’s sections)

Area 2

  • Button: Follow the lower path. After a claw enemy on the ceiling, there is a path below you that goes slightly left.
  • Note (Garbage Theory): Go back to the starting area, and take the higher path. You’ll see a section where you can jump out of the water. Follow this section to the end.

Conelit Town

  • Button: Follow the walls on the left side. Small upward shaft leads to a button.
  • Button: Exit water towards the left at the top of the town. Conelit will offer you a button for completing a mini-game. (Also one of the hardest buttons in game.) Advice is to start to the right and remember you can fall faster by pressing down and jump. Otherwise, just practice. Can re-attempt any number of times.

Area 4 (Coconut mission)

  • Button: In the second pool of water in this section, sink to the bottom of the far left side.
  • Note (Squidlits): After collecting the coconut, keep going to the right.

Area 5

  • Button: At your first divergent path you will see one path going to the bottom/left (the other direction has a claw enemy and air pool above). The button is in this bottom/left path.

Spoopopolis (20 buttons and 6 notes in Plip’s sections, 5 in FPS areas)

This level is big, so here’s a breakdown of how many buttons are where:

  • 1 in the dock area
  • 13 in the town areas (I am still missing one)
  • 3 in the first FPS sections (I am still missing one)
  • 6 in the forest areas
  • 2 in the second FPS section

Dock area

  • Button: Head to the left and jump off the end of the dock. Button is in the water.
  • Note (Archela): Get on the roof of the gift shop, then get onto the ledge above it to the right.

Town area 1

  • Note (spoops): It is just above the first spider you see. Keep going and you’ll find some platforms going upwards. Take them to go slight left to where the note was.
  • Button: Instead of going on the platforms just mentioned, go below them and keep to the right.

Town area 2

  • Button: You will see platforms above the first lobster enemy. Roll against the wall on the right to be able to get onto it. You’ll see move platforms going up and to the left.
  • Note (Nurts): After climbing out of a town section with NPCs you can talk to, you will find a wall above a muffin/to the left of a lobster enemy. Roll against it to climb it.

Town area 3

  • Button: After walking by a trenchcoat NPC, you’ll find a split path. Take the lower path with the spider, the button will be at the end of that hall.

Town area 4

  • Button: Dive into the first green goop pool. It is in the bottom left corner of that pool.
  • Button: After swimming in green goop, you’ll find some stairs heading down. There is a wall to the right as you start going down. Roll against it to climb up, the roll up another wall to your left.

Town area 5

  • Button: When you meet the first bee/lantern enemy, hop over to get to the right edge.
  • Note (shades): After the second bee/lantern enemy, you can see the note above the NPC in a turban.
  • Button: after a small tunnel where two ghosts try to sandwich you in between them, you’ll see a small cove down and to the left.

Town area 6

  • Button: Swim under the first bee enemy. You’ll find a door protected by a claw enemy. Button is to the right in that room.
  • Button: There’s a door after 3 green bugs on the wall. The button is in that room, on a ledge near the top.

Town area 7

  • Button: Take the higher path when you first have the choice. You’ll find a door. It is to the right of this room (blends in a lot).

Town area 8

  • Button: After the squidlit with sunglasses and a bowl of cereal, you’ll see it on a ledge to the right and above you disguised as a bug.

Town area 9

  • Button: After the second claw enemy and just under the first platform with a muddin on it.

FPS Area 1

  • Button: After opening the first door with a lock symbol on it, you’ll find a room with another lock symbol door and an enemy counter door. There is a “closet” with a false wall on the right side (if you are facing either of these doors) of the room.

FPS area 4

  • Button: After using a key to unlock a door, you should be facing a “closet” space (in an area with a brown enemy). False wall, as usual.

Forest area 1

  • Button: after exiting the sewer section, climb on the roof of the area you were just in and keep going left.

Forest area 2

  • Button: after meeting the first lobster enemy, you’ll see a breakable brown block on the ground. Break it and go in the hole. Button is to the left (protected by a ghost).
  • Note (Blue Crystals): After going above a big, rock-like enemy, you can start going down into a cave (there is a spider at the start). Instead, roll against the wall of the entrance to climb up it.

Forest area 3

  • Button: You’ll see 2 breakwable brown blocks near the start. Break them and fall in the hole. Stay low as you keep going right.
  • Button: After talking to an NPC and going through a door, you should fall down a hole with shields on your right. Go to the left instead.

Forest area 4

  • Button: While bouncing off the first blue mushroom, go to the left.

Forest area 5

  • Button: After talking to the NPC, get on the roof that’s above it.

FPS area 6

  • Button: To the left of the “key” door in this section, there is a small closet space with a false wall.

FPS area 8

  • Button: Just before the key door (area with 3 lobsters in it) there is a closet on the right side if facing the key door.

Mana jar area

  • Note (Stallabaktu): go over the mana jar without inking into it. Its to the right of the jar.
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