Superfuse – Official FAQ (Early Access)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Superfuse?

  • Superfuse is a comic book-inspired Early Access Action RPG, where you must take on waves of grotesque minions with up to 4 friends in co-op, or go it alone and uncover a vast conspiracy that endangers all of humanity. Become a hero in a world where superpowers are controlled by society’s elite!

Who is the development team behind Superfuse?

  • That would be Stitch Heads, founded back in 2015 and based in Breda, the Netherlands. We are a team of around 30 developers with a mission to deliver well-designed, polished and highly enjoyable entertainment experiences with deep worlds and beautiful art. We’re currently working on making Superfuse – our most ambitious project yet – a reality.

What inspired Superfuse?

  • We’ve always been massive fans of both comic books and series! On top of that, we are ARPG enthusiasts with a deep love for making the heroes our own, so what we set out to do with Superfuse is put the ability customization square into the hands of the players, letting you choose exactly how you want your hero to be! Neat, right?!

When was Early Access released?

  • Tuesday January 31st 2023 globally!

Is the Early Access release the full experience of Superfuse?

  • Though this release is a taste of what we plan to fully share once we leave Early Access, it certainly packs a punch!

Will this be a multiplayer experience?

  • Yes indeed! The Early Access build offers both offline single player and online co-op PVE for up to 4 players.

What platforms is Superfuse releasing on?

  • We’re solely releasing Superfuse as an Early Access title on Steam.

What will Superfuse’s price be?

  • €24.99\$24.99\£20.99! Check our store page now!

Which characters are available at Early Access?

  • Play as the Berserker, the Elementalist, or the newly announced Technomancer!

How do you get new fuses? Drops, rewards, both?

  • Fuses are dropped from enemies just like gear, weapons and other items.

What languages does Early Access come in?

  • While the game only has spoken English, the subtitles and interface has been translated into English, French, German, Spanish (+South American Spanish), Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Korean. More may be announced!

Will the game have controller support?

  • Of course! Though this won’t be part of the Early Access release.

Can I stream Superfuse?

  • Of course! There are no soundtrack copyright issues either so you can hack-and-slash with your volume on full.

Is there a Deluxe Edition?

  • There’s a Deluxe Edition, OST and Digital Supporter Pack on our store page now! Note: exclusives I.e. Cape and dog sidekick only available at 1.0 release.

How long will the Early Access story be?

  • Early Access will be the start of the Superfuse story, with more to come later.

Will there be the ability to keep playing once the story has finished?

  • Yes, Superfuse has post-campaign activities to allow you to continue enjoying the game.

Are there character customization options?

  • You betcha, that’s what makes us so super! You can customize the colour of your gear and weapons, but the characters themselves are not customizable.

Can you create your own character?

  • Why would you want to! With the Technomancer, the Berserker AND the Elementalist at Early Access, your possibilities are endless. You cannot create your own character around this.

Is the Early Access game on Steamdeck?

  • No, but this is something we’ll look into soon.

Does Superfuse use Epic Online Services?

  • Yes. As an Unreal Engine 5 game, we opted for Epic’s networking solution. This means players can link an Epic account to their Steam if they wish. If you do not wish to do this, your Steam account can be used and a corresponding EOS User ID will be generated for you – an Epic account is not required.

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