Superior – Hero Hit List

This guide will list out all of the boss Hero Hit Lists including the quests, which packs are unlocked by completing the quests, and which powers are in each pack.


By default, only basic Fire and Ice powers are unlocked. In order to unlock other powers and power families, players must defeat bosses and complete goals on each boss’s Hero Hit List.


Defeat BackboneXeno PowersAggressive Xenos, Bloodbag, Enhanced Metabolism, Feast, Frenzied Xenos, Never Down, Xeno Cycle, Xeno Jump, Xeno Strike
Have 3 Fire Powers SimultaneouslyVolt PowersAmplify, Complete Circuit, High Voltage, Overload, Shocking Dash, Stunning Display, Shocking Jump, Shocking Punch, Surge
Have 3 Ice Powers SimultaneouslyForce PowersEfficient Field, Explosive Barriers, Force Dash, Force Jump, Force Wall, Hardened field, Stinging Fields, Pain Fields, Prep Time


Defeat Wind-UpExplosion PackIce Spike Frag, Lava Explosions, Over-Explosive, Thunder Clap, Gruesome Meal
Kill Wind-Up with only Auto Weapons EquippedSpray PackChilling Spray, Shocking Spray, Burning Spray
Kill Wind-Up with only Precision Weapons EquippedShot PackChilling Shot, Shocking Shot, Burning Shot
Kill Wind-Up with only Shotguns EquippedBlast PackChilling Blast, Shocking Blast, Burning Blast
Have the 3 “Spray” Augment Powers at OnceForce and Xeno Auto PackAutomatic Transfer, Vampiric Bullets
Have the 3 “Shot” Augment Powers at OnceForce and Xeno Precision PackHunting Blind, Killshot Xeno
Have the 3 “Blast” Augment Powers at OnceForce and Xeno Shotgun PackRiot Shield, Chomper

Brute Force

Defeat Brute ForceOverdrive PackIce Overdrive, Fire Overdrive, Force Overdrive, Volt Overdrive, Takeover the Host
Have 9 Fire Powers at OnceLiving Fire PackHotter Fire Form, Fire Form Ultimate, Living Fire
Have 9 Ice Powers at OnceVicious Ice Spikes PackGigantic Spikes, Larger Spikes, Vicious Spikes
Have 9 Xeno Powers at OnceImproved Xenos PackLucky Xenos, Passive Xenos, Spawning Xenos, Swarming Xenos
Have 9 Force Powers at OnceOvershield PackAbsorbing field, Transfusion Shields
Have 9 Volt Powers at OnceVolt Disc PackFork, Discharge


Defeat OvermindHypothermia PackHypothermia
Use 18 Different Fire PowersMagma Burst PackMagma Burst
Use 18 Different Force PowersDeath Discs PackDeath Disc
Use 18 Different Volt PowersZap HandsZap Hands


Defeat RevoltShock Trooper PackCranial Discharge, Shock Armor
Equip Fire Form UltimateLava PackFlare Up, Hot Pad, Hot Seat, Meltdown, Sear
Equip Gigantic Ice Spikes PowerMore Spikes PackMore Spikes, Shatter, Spike Path
Have 15 Max XenosVampire PackArmor Eater, Healing Factor, Healing Xenos, Vampire Xenos
Deal 5000 Damage with Force Fields in a Single RunForce Blade PackBlade Bullets, En-Forcer, Force Blades
Shock 100 Enemies in a Single RunLightning PackGenerator, Lightning Rod, Smite

The Growth

Defeat The GrowthHeat Vision PackHeat Vision
Defeat The Growth with only Super Weapons EquippedShock Vision PackShock Vision
Equip the 6 Ice Spikes AugmentsAvalanche PackAvalanche

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