Superola Champion Edition – 100% Achievements Guide

How to obtain all achievements in this game.


Here’s some info if you want to 100% this game.

  • Missable achievements: 0
  • Playthroughs required: 1
  • Difficulty: low to medium

Avoid buying any items from the shops other than books and skins. The powerups cost wayyy too much and you’re going to need a lot of coins for books (250) and skins (300).

There’s a timer that tracks total game-completion time but there are no time-sensitive achievements. You can play the game in any way you like and take as long as you need.


Llama Hawk Pro Skater
Complete (skate) level

Llama Caveman
Beat the jungle

Complete (Minecart) level

Llama Knight
Beat the castle

Need For Llama
Complete (Car) level

Llama Citizen
Beat the city

Llama Ball Z
Complete (Cloud) level

Llama Major
Beat the city a second time

Llama King
Beat the castle a second time

Beat the jungle a second time

Beat It!
Beat Hot CAT

These are totally unmissable and are obtained by simply completing the game, in this order.

Kills / Combo

Full Metal Llama
Kill 50 enemies

Left 4 Llama
Kill 200 enemies

Kill 500 enemies

You will get these easily and fairly early.

Combo Junior
Achieve a x10 combo

Combo Senior
Achieve a x20 combo

Combo Leader
Achieve a x50 combo

Combo Master
Achieve a x100 combo

Don’t worry about the combos. Near the end of the game on stage 54 (“go go go!”) you start with 10 burgers against a lot of enemies. You’re basically guaranteed to get 103-108x combo by blasting through everything on your path.


My First No Kill
Complete 1 stage without killing enemies

Improving My P.B.
Complete 5 stages without killing enemies

No Kill Master
Complete 10 stages without killing enemies

Pacifist Legend
Complete 20 stages without killing enemies

Dian Fossey
Complete Gorilla Attack without shooting

These are the only challenging achievements in the game. This game has 71 total stages (including secrets) and you need to beat any 20 of them without shooting – including Gorilla Attack which is a difficult late-game stage.

Stages vary in difficulty greatly. As such, early stages 6 & 7 can be very difficult to complete without shooting and yet a few of the late-game stages can be done with ease. I recommend you simply give every stage a few tries without shooting and if it seems too hard then simply skip it.

Note that the game map does not mark the stages you’ve completed without shooting in any way. Only when you complete a stage it will tell you if it was finished without kills (in this run or in a previous one). There is no visible counter of no-kills stages either. As such, you really should consider writing down stages you’ve completed without kills.

For your convenience I have comprised a table of the stages that I consider much easier than the rest. Copy-paste the text below into Notepad and save it somewhere.

There are 16 easy, 13 medium, and 1 mandatory hard stage on this list. Pick whichever stages you want, then mark them as completed in your Notepad file. You can also add other stages if you’d like.

stage  1  |  easy     |  
stage  2  |  easy     |  
stage  3  |  easy     |  
stage  5  |  medium   |  
stage  8  |  easy     |  
stage  9  |  easy     |  
stage 10  |  easy     |  
stage 11  |  medium   |  
stage 12  |  easy     |  
stage 13  |  medium   |  
stage 14  |  easy     |  
stage 16  |  medium   |  
stage 18  |  medium   |  
stage 20  |  easy     |  
stage 21  |  easy     |  
stage 23  |  medium   |  
stage 25  |  easy     |  
stage 29  |  easy     |  
stage 36  |  easy     |  
stage 42  |  easy     |  
stage 44  |  medium   |  
stage 48  |  easy     |  
stage 49  |  medium   |  
stage 53  |  medium   |  
stage 57  |  hard*    |  
secret 1  |  easy     |  
secret 2  |  medium   |  
secret 3  |  medium   |  
secret 4  |  medium   |  
secret 5  |  medium   |  

*Stage 57 is Gorilla Attack. Completing it without kills is mandatory for the Dian Fossey achievement. It’s basically the same as the smiley revenge level but it’s gorillas this time. It’s quite difficult but with enough practice it’s very much doable.


The Llama of Wall Street
Buy an item

Library of Alexandria
Buy all books

Unlock a secret path

Unlock all secret paths

There are 6 secret paths in the game (3 per map). Some of them are almost impossible to find on your own so you have to buy the Books of Secrets from the shops. They explicitly show you the locations of the secrets as well as how to find them.

Here are all 5 shops that sell books (one of them sells two books):

There are 6 books in total, each revealing one secret path. Books cost 25, 35, 50, 40, 40, and 60 coins, totaling 250 coins needed to buy all of them.

I encourage you to buy the books and unlock the secrets on your own. Not only it’s more fun but also I suspect that the books might disappear from the shop if you discover the secrets on your own. I’m not sure about it but be safe and just buy the books as they are required for an achievement anyway.

But for completion sake I’ll put here what the books say. Spoilers below!

  • Stage 5: take a leap of faith from the 8th platform
  • Stage 9: the second swordfish protects an exit between mines
  • Stage 19: the fourth raven indicates where it’s wise to fall
  • Stage 35: find your way between spikes, half the way to the goal
  • Stage 36: don’t make the last jump
  • Secret 6: a barrier of 4 jellyfish protect an exit between mines (close to start)

The fellowship of the burger
Complete 100% the first map

There and back again
Complete 100% the second map

Complete all stages (including secrets) to obtain these achievements.

It’s a secret to everybody
Find the secret shop

At the very end of secret 7 (second map, secret river), there is a gap between the mines. It’s the only secret not documented in any books so there is a separate achievement for finding it.

However, I’m pretty sure you can just… walk into the shop from the map after beating secret 7 normally – instead of going through the undocumented secret on the level.

Super Burgers

Llama Llama Revolution
Win with a perfect in a bonus phase

Super Size Me
Get all Super Burgers

Super burgers are unlocked by getting “perfect” score in those bonus minigames in which you must destroy objects such as cars, arcade machines etc. Despite it clearly requiring you to get a “perfect” score it doesn’t actually have to be perfect. Getting the bar high enough to the green zone is good enough; if the bar is not completely full then Superola will do a laser attack to finish off the object, netting you the “perfect” score (along with the super burger) anyway.

The first super burger is located at the end of stage 3. The controls take a bit of learning so if you mess up and not get the “perfect” score you’ll have to replay the whole stage again. Thankfully the minigame is very easy and you should be able to get every super burger on the first attempt once you get the hang of it.

There is a total of 12 super burgers; 8 are directly on your main path and 4 more are scattered across the secret areas. Here are all 12 stages that contain a super burger.

Unlock the true ending

Beating the last stage of the game while having all 12/12 burgers extends the final cutscene with the true ending.


Pretty Llama
Buy a costume

Llama Fashion Victim
Buy all costumes

There are three costume shops in the game. Here are their locations:

Each of these shops sells costumes for 20, 25, and 30 coins respectively. There are 4 costumes per shop – totaling at 300 coins required for all 12 costumes. That is a lot of coins.

The best farming method I could think of is the most obvious one – replaying stage 1 over and over again. It’s short, and every run nets you 9 burgers. It doesn’t seem like much but the only few stages capable of producing more are much longer and a LOT more difficult. Just grind stage 1 for a while.


In Superola, “combat” is just the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock.

Here are the rules for the reference:

It’s not a game of chance however. Your enemy will display the intention of what they’re gonna pick while cycling through a set of possibilities. All you need to do is time it right and you can win it perfectly every time.

Win with a perfect in a combat

Live Long and Prosper
Win a combat using only Spock

All you can eat
Win with a perfect against Hot CAT

Hot CAT is the final boss of the game. You battle him twice: halfway through the game (stage 33) and at the very end (stage 60). Both stages are valid for this achievement.


Double Llama
Complete a level with the X2 powerup equipped

Laser Show
Complete a level with the fire powerup equipped

Ice Cold
Complete a level with the sunglasses powerup equipped

Red Llama
Complete a level with the wings powerup equipped

Complete a water level with the wings powerup equipped

All of these are self-explanatory and fairly straightforward.


Flappy Pig
Fly above a winged pig?

The graphic for this achievement may be misleading. There are flying pigs in the Cloud stages but those are a different kind.

Actual “winged pigs” can be found in stage 7. Early into the level (soon after the first spider) you will encounter a winged pig. I believe the intended method is using the double-jump powerup to jump over the pig, however I found that simply diving into it head-first from above (without any powerups) unlocks the achievement soon after you respawn. Like this:

Die Hard
Die more than 30 times in a level

Llama God
Get all achievements/trophies

Congrats on 100%ing the game!

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