Supraland – All Chests and Poor Ancestors Achievements Guide (Save Files)

This is for anyone who can’t be bothered to tediously search for all 172 chests and 206 spawn points. To get “All Chests” and “Poor ancestors”, download the provided save file, replace your existing save, and follow the maps inside this guide.

How to Unlock All Chests and Poor Ancestors Achievements

Disable Steam Cloud & Backup Existing Save Files

  1. Disable Steam Cloud synchronization for Supraland.
  2. Backup your existing save files. You can find them located at:
  3. Download the save file to get the achievements from the following link.
  4. Place this file inside your save directory.

All Chests

All chests

  • OCD fixed.

Load into the game and go south of the giant blue crystal:

The chest is inside a small crevice. Open it to get the “All Chests” achievement.

Poor Ancestors

Poor ancestors

  • All spawn points destroyed.

Go north-east of the giant red crystal:

The last spawn point is next to a white fence and cacti. Destroy it to get the “Poor ancestors” achievement.

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