Supraland Six Inches Under – Official FAQ

Here you can find most of the popular questions and answers about the Supraland Six Inches Under game.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t press any menu button!

  • Press F11 to toggle to windowed mode, then check your resolution in the options.

Are there backup savegames?

  • In the mainmenu/play, there is a round arrow button to the right of the save game slots. You can load previous states of your current session there. There is one every 15 minutes.

Where is the savegame stored?

  • C:\Users\AppData\Local\SupralandSIU\Saved\SaveGames

Appdata is an invisible folder, you need to set windows to show hidden objects.

My fullscreen situation is screwed up

  • Delete the settings file in the following place and then start the game again:


Appdata is an invisible folder, you need to set windows to show hidden objects.

I got motion sickness

There are a bunch of things you can try:

  • Turn on the option “Prevent Weapon Bobbing”.
  • Trying an increased cross-hair scale.
  • Put the game into window mode and use a small window.
  • Turn off Chromatic Aberration.
  • Try turning off Depth of Field (DoF) and Motion Blur.

Problems running the game under Linux?

  • The game works fine with proton. You need to set the game to Force Steam Play.

The game often minimizes when I click

  • This happens when the mouse cursor leaves the window. Use real fullscreen mode to prevent that.

What about multiplayer/coop?

  • It would not be possible to simply add multiplayer on top of the current game. Maybe we’ll make a COOP game in the future; it will have only coop puzzles.
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