Survive the Rift – How to Unlock Every Ship

A quick guide on how to unlock all the ships in the game.

Guide to Unlock Every Ship


Katana ship

Unlocked by defeating the Miner’s Guild Boss (Sector 1, any difficulty).

Horizon ship

Unlocked by defeating the Space Pirate Boss (Sector 1, any difficulty).

Anvil ship

Unlocked by defeating the AI Boss (Sector 2, any difficulty).

Nova Ship

Unlocked by finding a special asteroid in Sector 1 or 2 – attached photos below (Miners Guild).

Destroy the asteroid and collect the blueprints inside to unlock the ship!

Dark Star

Unlocked by collecting the secret blueprints found in Sector 1 or 2 on Space Platform levels owned by the Miners Guild (attached photo example). Destroy the wall (see attached photo) by ramming it (2 – 3 times) or shooting it, the blueprints are inside that middle hidden area.

Be quick about it, collect the blueprints before they go off-screen.

Hydra ship

Unlocked by defeating the Alien Boss (Sector 3, any difficulty).

Hope this helps, good luck everyone.

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