Surviving the Abyss – Basic Tips

I noticed a lot of review posts about how unfair this game is but after finding out these few tips I went from regularly restarting to having no issues progressing and even bending the game over.

Tips to Basics

All credit goes to feedthemanmuffinz!

Tricks and Tips

  1. You can collect resources a good bit out of the light. Make sure you do that.
  2. Don’t know where they are? Use a radar, find everything in its radius and then turn it off.

Doing step 1 and 2 should ensure a large supply of resources.

  1. Outposts are OP. Use them. They provide free power and free oxygen. Might be a bug, but you can run the power line into your main grid through the dark even.

Steps 1-3 will ensure the game becomes piss easy. However I figured I should add some additional tips.

  1. Skip protein harvester and go straight for Molecular Protein Lab.
  2. Use the Mess Hall (can only service up to 8 people each) to counteract malnutrition.
  3. Rate Per Day Attachment Module should be one of your first research options.
  4. Use expeditions to set up those broken outposts and to check out points of interest.
  5. Expeditions drop flairs. Make sure to prioritize resource pickups in these areas as they will be unavailable when the flairs burn out.
  6. Storage is communal. While your mining vessels will pick up and drop off resources at the those material storage depots (like the one you start with) you can make more spread across the map to cut down on collection times.
  7. Focus on research that boosts oxygen output or energy output. This means more efficient buildings and more room for experimentation.
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  1. Point 5 can be fine tune by getting more transport submarines.

    Point 6 really not a must, I actually skip most of those and directly go into faster cloning and cloning tech itself

    Point 10 is entirely optional. You should play around with Outposts more, they do give 4 Power and 4 O2.

  2. i found that the clone factory is faster with 2 factories rather then one.
    i think the sonar buliding is better if its a submarine. then i dont have to bulid the same stuff there and there and……..i wish the developed would do something with this thing itsa bit annoying and waste of matrials.

  3. I feel like I’m stuck, but I’m trying to build a habitat to continue forward. Trying to look up any information doesn’t give me any help.

    • Habitat is where the purple icons are for fishes and crabs and whatnot. beware depletion. turn off power before pulling last fish for power/gene

  4. You can also send an exploration sub to an interest point/biome/whatever and build a sonar while the flare is still active. The sonar will work even in the dark (and as said already by the guide author you can make power lines in the dark). You can scan everything around it and plan accordingly your expansion with outposts.

    • True! Also, the advanced fauna trap at this time does not work and you can use the regular ones to collect rare species.

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