Synthetik – How to Edit Drop Change of Any Weapon or Item in Savefile

How to guarantee getting a specific item or weapon in a run.

Guide to Edit Drop Change of Any Weapon or Item in Savefile

Finding Your Save File

Your save file will be located in:

  • C:\Users[user[\AppData\Local

Look for synthetik and then locate your save.sav file, make a copy just in case something goes wrong.

Editing Drop Chance

The data this file holds on items and weapons is their drop chance, mastery, times picked up, and whether or not they are unlocked.

In order to find the item or weapon you are looking for you have to go into synthetik look at your item or weapon list and match up the times picked up (in the case of weapons you can also use the mastery level to find it)

  • Mastery will be iweptotallevel[weapon id]=[weapon mastery level]
  • Drop chance for weapons will be wdropchange[weapon id]=”[drop chance]”
  • In the case of items it is idropchange[item id]=”[drop chance]”

To guarantee getting the item or weapon change the drop chance to a high number like 99.

Important note

Weapon and item drop chance changes every time you pick up that item/weapon, this is to reduce the amount of times you get the same weapon or item in consecutive runs, this means you will have to change the drop chance every time you get the item or weapon.


For example if I wanted to get the gladiator minigun I would go to:

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