Tails: The Backbone Preludes – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Instructions on how to get every achievement in the game.

How to Obtain All Achievements

All credit goes to MintCat!

General Achievements

Completing the game normally will give you (most) of these achievements, you don’t need to do anything in particular to get them.

Act One

  • Finish act one

Act Two

  • Finish act two

Act Three

  • Finish act three

Act Four

  • Finish act four (and the game)


  • Start a new game after finishing the game once. After the credits, an option called “new game+” will show up on the main menu, which allows you to have another go.

I Major In Photography

  • Take many photos using the game screenshot function. Press “F” to take a pic, use the scroll wheel to rewind the camera. I got this achievement at 24 total photos, but not sure how many you actually need.


Not The Time

  • Apologise to your dad. After the funeral, go to Clarissa’s dad and talk to him. When he inevitably gets mad and demands you apologise, do so and repeat after him.

I Beat You

  • Kill Carlo. During act four, you can either spare or kill Carlo, choose to kill him.


Sexy Howard

  • Succeed at flirting with either Wisconsin, Freja, or Niles.
  • Wisconsin likes earnest and nice dialogue options that aren’t overtly sexual.
  • Freja enjoys quirky and funny options, but not sexual jokes.
  • Niles wants you to disagree with him, but still be smart about it. Ask questions about his beliefs and don’t avoid his own.

Better Times

  • Take a photo of Larry during act 3. Don’t take more than 2 pictures of different people, since Howard only has 4 shots. After you take the picture of the clock, you can remark that you still have one left and decide to photograph Larry.


Investigative Reporting

  • During act one, successfully convince Lukas that something is wrong with the police report.

Important things to consider:

  • The fire started before the second call, since the place wasn’t on fire when the police got there.
  • The cops breached the door, citing hearing a distressed voice but the report notes that the lady wasn’t actually in distress.
  • One cop claims the person threatened him with a sharp object, and the other claims that it was with a blunt object.

Essentially, the testimonies don’t add up and hint towards a cover-up.

Lizard Mom

  • During the first and third acts, feed Renee’s iguana. You don’t need to do it during the second or fourth one.


State of Affairs

  • Successfully do all the experiments. I’m not sure you can fail this one since you can just keep trying but anyways. The best order for the experiments is:
    • Experiment 1: Temperature chamber (Freeze)
    • Experiment 2: Chemical chamber (Agitate), Temperature chamber (Heat), and Humidity chamber (Salt/solidify)
    • Experiment 3: Temperature chamber (Heat)

I Got Nothing To Hide

  • During act 3, choose not to alter the journal, and tell the truth about the artefact (don’t try to hide or destroy the research)

Okay For Now

  • Don’t let either Eli or Jorge get shot by the visitor. You might need to start a new play-through if you were too antagonistic to HQ in previous acts. Ideally, praise HQ when you can, don’t alter the journal at all, be honest and push towards getting a lab in the city to study the artefact. When act 3 comes, choose to convince the visitor that you’re valuable due to your expertise on the artefact. In act 4, be cooperative, confident (but not arrogant), and emphasise that you aren’t too close to Jorge. Additionally, when observing the artefact, say you the hum is from the container, and that you pacified it, this helps convince him you’re experts.
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  1. For the “Okay For Now” achievement, depending on your choices with researching the artifact throughout Eli’s acts you can also choose to convince the visitor that the artifact is extremely dangerous and that can also lead to Eli and Jorge’s survival, but in that case you will also need to make the artifact agitated during the preparations so the visitor will see the artifact acting violently and be convinced that it is actually dangerous

  2. For “I Beat You” I think you have to reach the end of the conversation with Carlo. On my first playthrough I beat him too many times and Clarissa killed him “in a fit of rage”, but I didn’t get the achievement.

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