Tales Across Time – Talk of the Town Achievement Guide

A guide for referencing all the townspeople needed for the Talk of the Town Achievement.


When you begin Story 2, you’ll gain control of Claire in her home. Before you can exit the front door you’ll run into Emma and exchange some dialogue.

Once you’re outside, you are free to roam around the town. There are only 2 screens in this section, but they’re fairly large. The townspeople are pretty spread out and a few are inside two of the buildings.

It’s important to talk to everyone prior to progressing to the “Secret Spot” that Emma mentioned. You can still talk to everyone returning at dusk, but you CANNOT enter the Town Hall as this will progress the story and cut you off from getting the achievement.

Note 1: It’s most likely that this instance of Emma’s dialogue doesn’t count for the Talk of the Town Achievement because she initiates dialogue with you instead of you interacting with her, but she’s nowhere to be found in town after this until another cinematic later.

Note 2: As of the time of writing this, it is not known if ALL guards count for the achievement since some give repeated lines of dialogue. However, Claire initiating dialogue with other characters may be the trigger for the achievement to count, and the content of their dialogue may be irrelevant. So I included all guards.

Courtyard and Surrounding Houses

Immediately exiting Claire’s house, head straight down to the girl tending to the apple barrels.

  1. Apple Girl

Head to your the right of Claire’s house to find the Courtyard with the Tree from Chapter 2’s intro cinematic. Here you’ll find a woman and a man admiring the rare foliage of the desert town.

  1. Courtyard Woman
  2. Courtyard Man

This next character is necessary to get the 1st Crystal of Chapter 2. You should talk to her anyway since it pertains to another achievement and will make combat easier. This character may count toward the Talk of the Town achievement.

  1. Foreigner

Heading straight up you’ll find a man by the water who tried to catch a glimpse of the procession. He’s settled for being hypnotized by the waves. The pathway next to him is block by a crowd. There are two guards here you can talk to as well.

  1. Man by the Water
  2. Guard #1
  3. Guard #2
  4. Guard #3

Outside the Inn, there is a man with a hat and then another street blocked by two more guards.

  1. Hat Man
  2. Guard #4
  3. Guard #5

The Inn

You can talk to the Innkeeper behind the front desk. His Wife will be at the end of the hall that makes up the ground floor; working in what seems to be a small kitchen. I’ve also marked the Inn’s Dog. This is the first animal in town that may or may not count, but you can interact with the little guy so I figured I’ll include him.

  1. Innkeeper
  2. Innkeeper’s Wife
  3. Their Dog

Edge of Town

Going to the left you can get to the part of town that’s closer to the desert. This is the way to the “Secret Spot”, but let’s get the last townspeople before moving on. The first woman in green facing another part of the crowd will be our first character here.

  1. Oversleeper

Next to this character you’ll find another guard and another animal. A sleeping cat waiting for its owner to return.

  1. Guard #6
  2. Sleeping Cat

The outer wall of the town, which also houses a guard station, has three more characters to talk to. Note: The Guard will stop you from leaving town with a warning. I still went up to him and talked to him in case the achievement trigger needs Claire to interact with the character, not the other way around. He’ll simply repeat the last line of his dialogue when you talk to him.

  1. Worker #1
  2. Worker #2
  3. Guard #7

There is a woman outside the Library, looking at the water. This is Claire’s soon to be Mother-In-Law.

  1. Mrs. Bellegrave

The Library

This should be the last character you need for the achievement to work.

  1. The Librarian

Talking to all the townspeople will give you the Talk of the Town Achievement.


You can check your Achievement status to make sure you’ve received the achievement before continuing with the story.

Again, you can check all the places again at dusk in case you missed one. Just DO NOT go into the Town Hall before you do.

Thanks you for stopping by. I hope this guide was helpful in case you missed the achievement in previous playthroughs or are just making sure while in your first try.

Game On.

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