Tales of Arise – Combat Tips

Few tips of how you should fight and on what you should focus.

Tips to Combat

You should try to play as other characters. If you got bored of Alphen, maybe you will enjoy more if you try out different playstyles. Rinwell is pretty fun as a mage, because she has a unique spell storing mechanic, which also allow mix and match different combinations of spells to cast different spells.

Always dodge when enemy is attacking. Good tip is to attack for a bit, then dodge roll for a bit before attacking again. Perfect dodge allows you to completely negate all damage. You can also quickly click R1/RB after a perfect dodge to do a counter attack that you can chain combo.

Every enemy has an element icon at their health bar (maybe have to pause the game to see it?). And element work in opposites, so Water arte is strong against Fire enemies and vice versa

So it is:

  • Fire <> Water.
  • Wind <> Earth.
  • Light <> Darkness.

You may turn up the difficulty if you feel the challenge are not enough.

Also, it may be a bit boring at early game due to limited number of artes. You learn much more artes as you progress the game. Some are unlocked via titles that are obtained from sidequests or main story.

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