Taxi – How to Fix Game Save Issue

This guide will show you how to fix the save game issue.

Guide to Fix Game Save Issue

Solving the save problem

Looking ahead, I’ll say in advance that since I am a Russian speaker, I play, respectively, in the Russian version of the game.

Not much, not a little after playing the game (about one hour), I found that the save function does not work in the game. I also found that the game still saves, but only if the game language is set to English.

So, in order for the save function to work in the game, you need to go to the folder with the installed game.

  • In it, go to the “taxi_Data” folder, then go to the “TEXT” folder.
  • In the TEXT folder you will find three files and seven folders with different localizations (languages).
  • All that remains to be done is to copy the files from the “rus” folder to the “eng” folder, agreeing with the replacement.
  • Now the save function should work, at least it worked for me.

Note: this method has been tested for the Russian language, it is possible that it will also work for other languages.

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