Teardown – Hidden Paintjob Achievement Guide

A guide to getting the Paintjob secret achievement. Spoiler warning for the campaign.

How to Obtain Secret Paintjob Achievement

All credit goes to Bacnsnaxx!

The Map

You must have played the campaign through to Part 2 and up to or past the mission The Droid Abduction (If you haven’t, go do it now. I’ll wait). Don’t worry, you do not have to complete the mission to get the achievement.

Anyway, go into this mission.

The Location

You’ve started off on a dock, next to a big boat. Turn around, there are some safes behind you. Jump up on them, then turn to your left. You should see a small boat.

Go to this boat.

What to Do

Grab the boat and pull it out onto the ice. Get out your spray paint. Notice how someone started painting it?

All you need to do is paint the rest of the boat.

All parts must be a shade of yellow. You have to paint the inside as well, so flip it over when you’re sure you’ve gotten all of the outside.


Aside from obviously getting an achievement, you also get an $80 “Paycheck” for your work.

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