Teardown – How to Plan a Heist

This is a guide on how to plan a heist in Teardown. To clarify, this guide will teach you the principles in how to plan so you create your own route. This applies to both heist and Teardown jobs.

Guide to Plan a Heist

Arriving on Site

  1. When arriving on site first look at your map [TAB] to see what your working with

The map not only looks cool but gives a lot of good information!

In this example our targets are highlighted in yellow. You may find extra targets which are a bonus if you can grab them within the 60 second count down.

Take notice of the Security list. These will aid you in what to expect. Most of the time alarm boxes and fire alarms is what to expect however it doesn’t hurt to look!

Looking at the map, plan a route visually. Think through what you want to grab first and where you want to finish. Don’t worry about metal gates or rivers plan a route and work from there.

  1. Explore! see what you have

Each map is filled with all sorts to aid you in your heist. In this map Lee Chemicals you can find many propane tanks and vehicles around the property.

Vehicles are great to come by in any map and make a long walk a short drive! Some may also have functional devices (cranes, dump trucks etc.).

Propane tanks make a great explosive when in need!

Start looking for windows, doors, openings. If it looks like a viable option then it’s probably better then blowing a hole in the wall. (If you want to blow up a wall go for it!) You don’t have to get right into buildings I typically like to walk around the target buildings looking for any windows / doors. It’s also good to look at what will help and what will hinder (Metal bars on windows, brick walls, locked doors, broken staircases etc.).

Planning Your Route

Once you have a visual idea of what you want to achieve head to your visual start to create your physical start.

  1. Build your route

During this process take it slow, this route has to be fast and easy to navigate. It would be a shame to get stuck on something that wasn’t accounted for! (one time I forgot about a gate in front of my escape vehicle)

Be sure to use the tools around you. In this example I used a propane tank to open up a window just a bit more

A window will make it fast and easy to begin the heist!

  1. Use spray paint

Spray paint will help you remember where to go. Simply draw arrows on the ground or on the walls, it will make the heist less stressful when executed.

Spray paint is really useful when building your route and will help you remember your plan.

Symbols or letters may also help in complex heists!

Testing Your Route

Once you have a route planned, you need to do a run through.

Go back to your start, start yourself in the position you would during the real thing. Then run your route as quickly as you can as if completing it. Remember that this is a test run so it’s okay to run into an error.

If you find an issue or something that concerns you, change it! It’s better to feel confident then cautious.

Wasn’t too confident with the rails in the way…

Do as many runs as you need to, Teardown has no penalty for the amount of time you spend planning.

The Run

Once everything is ready for the actual event, Head back to the start.

Before you grab that first target be sure to quick save. This is a fail safe in case you accidentally take a wrong turn or fall off your route.

It only takes a few seconds to save 15 minutes of work!

Now you run.


If you got to the escape vehicle, congrats! Mission completed.

The red run through line is a great way of visually seeing your route!

If not don’t worry! go back to step one rethink how you want to acquire your targets. Remember that you’ve got more knowledge now then when you started so you have a better route.

That’s it!

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